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Posted: 2015-06-04 11:15:23

Blackwood Productions

Blackwood Productions has been in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry for over a decade. Within that time we have watched, researched, and learned how the search engines have evolved. Being able to watch and learn how the search engines evolved has really helped us to evolve along our journey as well.
As the search engines, such as Google grew and adapted new search algorithms and created new ranking signals for ranking web sites, we were there. This forced Blackwood Productions to not only keep up with the latest search engine changes but to become a high tech innovative company that could host search engine marketing solutions no one else could offer.
Over that period of time our company has provided services that have only gotten better over time. That next stage of evolution is now here. Blackwood Productions is happy to announce that we are rolling out some great updates and advances that will totally change how you look at our services.
Our automated Software as a Service (SaaS) caters to both the individual company that is looking for an SEO company to handle their SEO marketing as well as Other SEO companies that are looking for help or SEO automation. We do this by first not accepting just any site into our service. Sites must maintain a certain level of quality. Then a mixture of human and automation matches your domain into it’s niche category where other sites such as yours can link with each other, knowing that the one-way and two-way links are all quality links as well as relevant links. You can also select certain sites to not share a link with you if it is not a site you deem appropriate. We also make available an easy way for you to accept manual link exchange requests for your website.
Once a member you will also have a login that will take you to your user’s Account Management Dashboard. Our new Dashboard shows you most of the information you need to know about the health of your website as well as it’s SEO ratings. Within this Dashboard you can also receive reports such as backlinks reports and keyword ranking reports across the three major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Other features are also included from your Account Management Dashboard such as a Blog and Article section that is dynamically added to your site through our plugin that is easily installed into your website. These pages are coded and templated by our system that uses the same code you are using on your site from your other pages. So if your site is W3C compliant and or mobile ready, our pages will be too!
It doesn’t stop there either. As a member you also get other cool and useful features such as site malware detection. If a website is found with a virus it is quarantined from the rest of our members and the owner of the site is informed. In most cases we can help you clean the site or even do the removal for you and we do this free!
There are many other features but instead of telling you everything here visit our home page and read all the information we have to offer and join up for either our 5 keyword free forever package or contact us about one of our paid packages or white label resell packages.   Contact us via email or call 877.823.1543 to discuss current specials and promotions.

-James Trivolette

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