Live SEO Link Data Reporting

Your backlink profile is one of the biggest factors in increasing your rankings and its why 90% of members join our network. Even our free 5 keyword package includes 20+ relevant links (a mixture of one way and reciprocal).

As a member you get access to our Live Link Data Report. This report shows you the links being generated by the plugin, what keyword is being used for the link, where the link is on the referring site, and even a relevancy score!

The relevancy score is on a 1-5 scale with 5 being most relevant. Don’t worry if some of your links are not the most relevant, our system is always looking for new relevant link partners that join daily. The system will then auto update and drop the link with the lowest relevancy score and add the new relevant link!

This report helps you see the full power of and overall quality of the links being generated and allows you to see exactly where links are placed.

As an added bonus we can also build links to your social profiles. Be sure to enter them in your settings, and beneath each listing throughout our network social media icons will be added with alt text for your target keywords linking to your social profiles.