Branded SEO Plugin Pages

When searching for just the right plugin to deliver what you are looking for, it is important to find one that isn’t only efficient, but also integrates seamlessly into your site. With our plugin you get just that: Properly branded plugin pages that create SEO Architecture right on your website that flows perfect from any existing page you have.

When clients like yourself decide to install our plugin a big benefit is the additional pages and structure that we deliver. For example, we use your chosen keywords to build relevant keyword pages that are well organized to feed the search engines just what they want, and we do this seamlessly by not just branding the pages with your company logo, but by completely templating it with your sites raw HTML code. The result is a page that not just visibly matches your site, but at it's core flows perfectly with the coding of your site.

This means that all your hard earned money you spent to get the perfect website that is responsive, w3c valid, and using all the latest and greatest web coding techniques is carried directly over to the work we do. The best part about this is we do it completely free! No need to read line after line of how to decipher your website code to copy and paste the correct parts in the correct field. Our techs take care of it for you, and usually pretty quickly. Normal turn around time is 24 hours after signup and plugin installation (which by the way we also can do for you at no cost!).