SEO Insurance

We pride ourselves with the quality of our link building and network members. We want to provide quality, relevant linking that is effective and safe. To do this we hand review all new members before allowing them to join our platform.

We keep a close eye on low quality sites with spun content, sites that are part of a bad link neighborhood, sites that contain malware, sites that are loaded with spam, and many other quality control checks.

We even keep an eye on multiple sites joining the same category on the same IP address.

We have a strict no spam, no link farm policy. We only allow real websites with unique content that adds value to our platform.

To top it off we give you full control over your link partners. If you don’t like a site that you are linking to, or a site linking to you, simply disable the link at any time.

We have been developing and tweaking our platform for a little over a decade to include every SEO safety factor that we can think of. With each new change in the search engines algorithms comes a new change in our methodologies. This ensures we stay up to date, and more importantly our service remains effective and safe.