Easy SEO Plugin Install

We strive to provide the highest quality, safe, and relevant link platform on the market. One way that we do this is to ensure that our plugin is easy to install and widely compatible with modern website technologies. While we do want to maintain a simple user experience the install process does require a little knowledge of how websites work. Mainly how to FTP to your web host.

Our install process simply requires a single file upload and a small snippet of code placed on your home page. Thats it! Sounds pretty easy right?

Now if things like HTML, FTP, or PHP make you nervous, don’t fret. With a simple click you can forward directions right along to your “Web Guy”. Don’t have a web guy? Still not a problem. We have plenty. We will gladly install the plugin for you or even walk you through it step by step through our live chat, email, or phone.

We are also constantly advancing with new direct install plugins for popular web builder applications such as wordpress. We can even be found directly in your web builders plugin directory! This allows some users to install our plugin with a single click!

We are excited and we know you are too. It all starts with the simple installation! Give us a call at 877.823.1543, respond to this email, or click the live help button on the bottom of our pages. We can’t wait to get you up and running!