Relevant Linking

The SEO landscape is ever changing. Google is constantly updating their algorithms to deliver the most relevant results possible for their searchers. With these advancements there are now over 100 ranking signals used to determine the value and relevancy of your website. However, through all these changes the all-mighty link still reigns supreme with well crafted informative content a close second.

The problem with quality relevant links is how the heck do you get them? Google doesn’t want you to buy links, they don’t want you to comment on blogs, they don’t want you to load up with tons of directory listings, so what's a website owner to do? That's where we come in.

Don’t think of us as just a “network” or even worse a “link farm”, those terms carry some bad mojo over some past spamming techniques. First, a link farm is a group of websites purposefully created to build links. These are usually low quality sites, with copied or spun content with no real value. They are created and exist only to be used to place links. You definitely don’t want that……at all. A link network can often be the same thing, maybe you have heard of SAPE before. The, also like a farm, had large companies enter tons of junk low quality sites just to have a network to sell and share links from…. again, not at all what you should be looking for.

So what does that leave? It leaves us! A true blue American built platform for REAL website owners to add REAL websites in relevant categories. A full management platform not just for simple reciprocal links but one way quality relevant links with sites categorized into main categories as well as more niche sub categories. The end result being high quality links that help you rank.

These aren’t your run of the mill links that you buy for pennies each. You don’t need 10,000 of them to move a keyword. The quality and relevancy is so powerful that even our FREE package that includes 20 to 30 one way links will get you results!

Oh, and did I mention how easy it was? All you do is add your domain, keywords, a little relevant content, and we do the rest. You don’t have to worry about who links to you or who you link to, because you are in control. With your user dashboard, you can disable any incoming or outgoing link with a single click, no questions asked.

This isn’t a fly by night software. This is 10 years of industry experience, over 4 million lines of code across 4 servers, and a team of professionals always tweaking and improving our internal algorithms to keep up with constant changes of SEO. Our links are quality, safe, and powerful. Give it a try on our 5 keyword free package, or call us to discuss our paying packages and see if you qualify for a no contract, 30 day trial on our 20 keyword paying plan.