Human Link Management

We throw around the term “Automated” a lot and you may be asking yourself how such an important task like link building can be left 100% automated. Well, don’t worry, because we are always watching and constantly tweaking to make sure that this automation delivers the best links possible.

We do this by hand evaluating and monitoring any sites that join our service. If we deem them low quality or even dangerous to our system then we deny them access.

As an added layer of management we also allow each website owner to easily disable any incoming or outgoing link that they do not approve of. This way you stay in control!

All links are also machine managed to make sure everyone stays in compliance. If someone removes the plugin our system will automatically remove any links going to them. We even have a specialized tool that will allow you to add any manual link exchange requests you may get right into your dashboard. These links will also be managed and checked often to ensure the other party doesn’t remove their link to you. If they do, we simply disable the link to them.

Rest assured that your linking is in good hands, through our monitoring and our machines automation.