Googles 1 Billion Dollar Pay Off

Posted: 2016-01-22 15:15:46

Google Oracle Apple

Google has been in an ongoing lawsuit with the tech giant Oracle. This lawsuit came over a copyright infringement as Google used Oracle’s JavaScript technologies to develop their Android mobile devices. On January 14th, it came out during the trial, that Google paid rival company, Apple, a cool $1 Billion greenbacks to be the IOS default search engine. In 2013 Bing took over the job of being the web search behind Siri. This secret deal between Google and Apple allowed Google to retain default search status on the devices Safari browser.


Both Google and Apple have been trying to get that information stricken from the trial, with Google stating “Highly Sensitive”. Google went on saying that this type of information could cause the search engine giant future deals with other companies.


If this is not enough for Google to deal with, it was found out a few days ago that 66% of their mobile devices have a major vulnerability within the core of their Linux Kernel. Exploit CVE-2016-0728, a configuration flag called CONFIG_KEYS is what this exploit is based on.


It is only January and we have the whole year ahead of us. With all the excitement in the Search Engine World, just within the last few weeks, it is anyone’s guess what the rest of the year may hold…

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