Google Update Clean up your websites act

Posted: 2015-06-04 10:45:15

Google Update: Clean up your website’s act

You may or may not have heard by now that a secret Google update occurred earlier this month. This update was so secret that when Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz reached out to Google for a confirmation that an update indeed took place, they answered: No update. A couple weeks later and Google finally fesses up that there was an update but not a Panda or Penguin update.  It, is confirmed to be a change to Google’s “core ranking algorithm in terms of how it processes quality signals.” The team over at Search Engine Land has dubbed it “The Google Quality Update”. We have come to trust Google giving warnings when they are releasing major updates but they prove that they still have you at their mercy.
Although there were many sites that complained they lost visibility, there are many other sites claiming they were unaffected or have risen in rankings. This is about the quality of your site and it is highly likely that there will be one or more of these quality updates to come. The updates are for the pursuit of Google’s goals of giving their users the best experience in search that they can.
There are a number of factors that go into what Google considers a quality site. It is not confirmed for this update if those rankings signals changed in number more / less or if the strength of the signals were changed. Meaning that some are now stronger than before while other grew less. What is known is that if you maintain your site and keep it fresh as well as relevant with quality content, that you stand a better chance of not falling in the rankings.
Search engines now days want the same thing that users want, a quality experience on the internet. People want to find exactly what that want and they want to do so quickly. They do not want to load 5 different websites trying to find a site of quality that it looks like they can put their trust into. This is the same thing that Google wishes to provide.
If you have problems writing quality content, Blackwood Productionshas a solution for you. Our paid packages include professionally written content pages that are written specifically for your site and are genuinely unique. They are added into your site using our SEO Plugin to build the correct information structure to provide your site taxonomy. At Blackwood Productions, content is only one of the many things done to make your site rise to the top.
Keep your site as quality oriented as possible and if you are still using spun content for the core of your site (or any of your site) this is the time for you to get your site cleaned up. Keep watching our blog as we will continue keeping you informed of all the latest SEO and search engine news.
Contact Blackwood Productions by email at rob@blackwoodproductions.comor by calling (877) 823-1543 to discuss questions, our free trials, or other specials and offers.
-James Trivolette

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