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Posted: 2015-12-18 15:46:36

Blackwood Productions SEO

Blackwood Productions has been pioneering the SEO industry going on 13 years. One of the things that make us different is that the core people that started this amazing adventure are the ones still at the helm. Over the last 13 years we have been able to watch the trends of the search engines and how each of them evolved into what they are today.
Being able to watch and understand the way the search engines have evolved has allowed us to design one of the most innovative and most technically advanced SEO platforms found World Wide. We have been building and updating our SEO platform since the beginning to ensure that it is the best option available to most companies seeking a good SEO program. As we understand the importance of the Google Webmaster Guidelines.
Our system is great at gaining the organic rankings that your company needs to survive online against overwhelming numbers of competitors that can be found there. But, we continue to strive to make our services better and better. You may have noticed if you have been a member with us for a while that we have been putting a lot of work into the user’s SEO dashboard, giving it a facelift with a new look and flow. This is to make it easier to find information you need and the overall appearance to make it easy to look at the information you are most interested in such as ranking reports.
Other very important things have also been happening behind the scenes. This week we have opened up new servers to help drive the power of our system and create redundancy in case we have a server outage. Making sure that everything is 100% OK and up and running when search engines spiders crawl the site is priority.
For those people that own a WordPress site we have even developed a WordPress Plugin that is so easy to install it is just a matter of a click of the mouse. This week this version of the plugin received a new update to improve its ease and performance.
Blackwood Productions is dedicated to its clients and their wellbeing. We have also have redesigned our website this year to make it more streamlined and easier to see what it is we offer. We know there are SEO companies out there that have given the industry a bad name and we work towards transparency to gain the trust of our customers. If you still need help after reading the website or our faqs and forum pages, you will notice we also offer a live chat program that you can see and use right on our site to speak directly with us about questions or concerns.
We offer a 5 keyword free forever plan to show what our system is capable of and for those that are serious about their SEO efforts we have paid packages for local and national ranking results. If you need help with your SEO or if you are an SEO that needs help maintain your clients, we are there to help you. Online marketing has never been more important than it is right now, so check out our website today and give us a try. We think you will like the services you get from us here at www.Blackwood.Production.

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