FaceBook stepping on Yelps Feet

Posted: 2015-12-22 12:47:18

FB vs Yelp

When it comes to local businesses one must do more than just traditional SEO. This is because you need to get your brick and mortar business also ranked within local results. Reviews and reputation will also play a large factor on the amount of foot traffic your establishment gets each day.


Yelp was the leader in this type of strategy, however it has spotted by Search Engine Land today (Dec 22, 2015), that Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is testing a new engine, called Facebook Professional Services, whereby users can search for and review a wide range of local businesses. This find by Search Engine Land smacked Yelp across the face causing them to lose 9% on their stock prices, bringing them to $26.87 a share today.


With other review sites gaining headway such as Angie’s List, Yelp has plummeted down a total of 46% this year, including today’s drop. It will be interesting to see what Facebook can bring to this market and whether Yelp will be able to stand it’s ground and remain king of local businesses and their respective reviews.  


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