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Should You Jump on the SEO Reseller Bandwagon?

Borrell Associates, a leading advertising research company, recently published a radical report on the outlook of local digital advertising. It thoroughly examined the trends and predicted the future of the industry, saying that companies will spend upwards of $115 billion on digital marketing—including SEO—in the coming years. The findings are not surprising. After all, digital advertising grew by over 42% last year and accounted for 40% of market spending by local advertisers. Are you ready to profit from this explosion? Perhaps it’s time jump on the SEO reseller bandwagon.

Becoming an SEO Reseller

The increased spending on SEO and other digital marketing functions is triggering interest in SEO reselling. There seems to be an emergence of four types of resellers.

•    First, there are traditional media companies that have mostly done analog work, but want to test the waters of digital media by reselling someone else’s SEO services.

•    Secondly, there are traditional media companies that are excited about the possibilities of digital media, but are unable to immerse themselves in it for whatever reason. They are interested in SEO reselling in order gain traction.

•    Next are those companies that have always concentrated on just one area of digital marketing—such as social media promotion or web design. They now wish to extend the services they offer to their clients but don’t want to spend resources on hiring and maintaining staff. The solution? They resell SEO services.

•    The final category consists of entrepreneurs who don’t have any background in digital media but are very good in sales. They recognize that becoming an SEO reseller is a great way to create another stream of income for a very small investment.

Whichever type of SEO reseller you are, you can make money from this growing industry—and you can start today. Partnering with a reputable SEO company is one of the most efficient ways to tap into the enormous rewards of digital marketing. Here’s why:

•    It’s easy and quick. Reseller solutions are typically ready to go; all you need to do is sign up and you can start selling in 24 hours or less. While label solutions allow you to rebrand SEO packages as though they were your own. You don’t need to hire your own SEO staff—simply get clients and your SEO partner will do all the work behind the scenes.

•    It makes your clients happier. When you’re an SEO reseller, you don’t have to actually do all the back-breaking and time-consuming tasks that are involved in search engine optimization. You simply sell the service and let your SEO partners worry about the rest. This frees up your time for customer service, ensuring that your clients feel cared for and heard.

•    It saves time and money. Why spend months brainstorming and developing an SEO strategy for your clients when you can simply partner up with a seasoned SEO firm that already has the solution, the technology, and the infrastructure needed to boost your clients’ rankings? They will do a better job.

•    It lets you focus on your core business. If you’re a web designer or pay-per-click expert, admit it—search engine optimization is outside of your level of skill and knowledge. You will be shortchanging your clients if you pretended that you knew what you were doing. It’s often better to stick to your core business and simply resell an SEO company’s services. This allows you to give your clients world-class solutions.

Choosing an SEO Reseller Program

Are you ready to become an SEO reseller? You’re not alone. In fact, 59% of agencies now outsource their SEO functions to a white label SEO provider. These digital marketing firms rely on white label SEO programs to handle day to day SEO tasks, maintain quality control, achieve rankings. You can certainly do the same.  

When thinking about partnering with an SEO company, keep these things in mind:

•    Choose a company with a proven program that is used by hundreds of satisfied resellers.
•    Check the commission structure and do the math. Make sure that your efforts will be duly compensated.
•    Make sure that the SEO company understands what search engines are looking for in 2016 and beyond.
•    Check if they offer while label SEO reseller solutions that allow you to brand everything as yours.

Blackwood Productions can help you establish a sustainable digital marketing business. Take a look at our SEO reseller program and you will quickly see why hundreds of resellers from around the world have chosen to work with us. Real results, powerful technology, and big commissions—that’s our promise. Call us at (877) 823-1543 to know more.  

Seo Reseller

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Seo Reseller Plans

How to Make Money from SEO Reseller Plans

Like anyone who has ever dabbled in web design, coding, or online marketing, you are probably curious about SEO reseller plans, how they work, and how much you can earn from them. Here’s everything you need to know about making money by reselling SEO.

The Market Has Never Been Bigger

Internet marketing is now more widely accepted than it was just a few years ago. Companies of all sizes now realize the enormous potential of organic search ranking in terms of reaching bigger, highly-targeted markets. Online transactions are now in the trillions of dollars—and experts expect the figures to grow by leaps and bounds in the next 5 years. Business are spending a lot on search engine optimization. In fact, analysts predict that SEO-related spending will reach $80 billion by 2020!

Do you want to piece of this pie but don’t have the team, the expertise, or the money it takes to build your SEO firm from scratch? Then you should consider becoming a reseller.

Duties of an SEO Reseller

When you become an SEO reseller, you essentially become a sales agent of the SEO provider. You get to brand their services as your own so that your clients never have to know that you are merely reselling someone else’s work. Once you ink deals with your clients, you turn over all the work to the SEO provider. In return, the provider gives you a commission. The more clients you sign, the more commission you get.

Having an understanding of the nitty-gritty of SEO can certainly help, but it is not a requirement. What’s more important is that you have a general idea of the philosophy and strategy of your SEO provider. You will also need to convince your clients about why that strategy is the best move for them. Reselling SEO plans likewise involves communicating to clients the importance of optimization, link building, pay-per-click marketing, and other such related services.

You can technically work anywhere as an SEO reseller. Work from home, travel while you work, or even put up a formal office if you wish—the choice is up to you.  Some people find so much success peddling SEO reseller plans that they leave their 8-5 office jobs and devote their time to this new business. This allows them more flexibility and removes the limits to their earning potentials.

How Much You Might Earn When You Resell SEO Plans  

If you find a high paying SEO provider and top quality reseller plans, you may earn somewhere between 25% to 50% of the contract cost. But what’s really great is that as long as the clients you bring in renew their plan, you continue receiving your commission. Now that’s passive income you can rely on.

Let’s say you bring in 10 small clients this month, each paying $500. If you and the provider agree on a 25% commission, you will receive $100 for each client at the end of the month—which means $1,000 for all 10 clients. If you work hard and bring in another 10 new clients the month after, your commission will double and you get to bring home $2,000. It’s easy to see how you can potentially earn $10,000 or more a month and quit your day job.

Win-Win Solution

In order to succeed as a reseller, you need to choose a reliable SEO provider offering good plans to begin with. You can’t go wrong with Blackwood Productions. Our SEO reseller plans are affordable and easy to sell. We will even help you get new clients by providing you with all the information and sales presentation templates you need to close a deal. We will even train you on how to use our robust reseller platform and how to answer questions your potential clients might have. We have all the SEO reseller plans and tools to increase your chances of landing new clients, thereby boosting your earning potential.

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Seo Reseller Services

SEO Reseller Services – Finding the Right Fit
Offering search engine optimization as one of your services can be a profitable endeavor. You can certainly do SEO alongside your web development, web design, social media marketing services, or you can make it the sole offering of your company. But creating an SEO team from scratch can be costly and complicated. You will probably make a lot of costly mistakes, too. Luckily, you have another option. Why don’t you use SEO reseller services? Outsource all your SEO projects to an expert company and brand them as your own.

Becoming an SEO reseller allows you to offer comprehensive search engine optimization services without needing to use your own time, money, or staff. By signing up for a white label arrangement, you can sell SEO services to your clients under your brand even though you are really outsourcing all the work to another company.

Of course, since you are putting your name on it, the results have to be stellar. You want to satisfy your customers and prompt them to keep renewing your service. The only way to do this is to choose the right SEO partner.

Go Beyond Review Sites

There are many different opinions on which SEO reseller program is best. Sometimes, even the so called best-ranked SEO white label SEO providers might not be a good fit for your working style. Review sites will help you get a general sense of how good a reselling program is, but it won’t give you the complete picture. The criteria they are basing their reviews on may not even be important to you.

Do Your Own Research

It’s important to formulate your own criteria. Ask yourself—what are your non-negotiables when it comes to reseller services?

•    What commission rate is good enough for you?
•    Do you want full access to a dashboard?
•    Do you need a company that offers comprehensive services—including content creation and link building? International, national, and local SEO?
•    Do you want to work only with a US based SEO company, or are you open to working with those that are based overseas?
•    Are you comfortable with a long-term contract or do you want the freedom to quit any time?

Once you have your own criteria, you can then narrow down your search to SEO reseller programs that tick most (if not all) boxes. Create a shortlist of prospective SEO partners and start looking at them in depth.

Take time to read their website so you can truly understand how their SEO reseller service works. Pick up the phone and call them if you have questions. Take note of the knowledge and attitude of the person who speaks with you. This is a good chance to gauge if you feel comfortable working with them.

Search for testimonials written by their past and current clients. Pay particular attention to how good (or bad) their customer support system is. There is no such thing as a perfect company so you are bound to read some negative reviews, but these complaints should never outweigh the accolades.

Look at Results

To be a successful reseller of SEO services, you need to partner up with a company that delivers excellent results. Check the current rankings of their clients. How often are they able to put a website in the top ten results for a keyword? Are their links from highly authoritative websites?

Some of the best providers of SEO reseller services show you real-time results of their campaigns on their website. This level of transparency is a good sign; it indicates that the company is proud of its performance and stands by its methodologies.

Free Trial

Try out the SEO reseller services of Blackwood Productions at no risk, for 30 days. This should give you enough time to assess if our white label program is a good fit. You can quit anytime—no long-term contracts, no hassle. Call us at 877.823.1543 to know more.

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