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These Search Engine Optimization Strategies Are Hurting Your Rankings

With so many 'experts' telling you what and what not to do to help you rank in search engines, it can be hard to tell which advice can truly bump up your ratings and which ones will only pull you farther down search results. Before you believe everything that these so-called experts are saying, listen to your own audience and know what your website truly needs to get the attention you so desire from your target consumers. Just because everyone is doing a certain strategy, doesn't mean you should also jump in the band wagon. Search engine optimization campaigns should be sensitive to the climate of your website's own search standings. Here are some search optimization strategies that are probably hurting your search rankings more than they are helping you get the web traffic you need:

1.    Link-buying. If we are still living in the past, where link quantity trumps everything else in SEO, then link-buying can be a legitimate tactic to make search engines believe that a website is important because of the number of links it is getting, However, these are the days when quality and relevance rule, therefore acquiring links using unnatural means such as link-buying and getting links from remotely relevant websites will only get your website penalized and sent to the bottom of search results. When Google and other search engines detect unnatural linking patterns in your backlink profile, they can easily de-index your website so your pages won't appear in search results.

2.    Generating and pushing irrelevant content. Creating and publishing content that is irrelevant to your industry will only confuse search engines as well as your end users. Instead of getting targeted traffic, you will end up attracting search signals that offer little to no value to your business. If you want to establish relevance and authority in your niche, only publish and distribute content that offers great significance in your field and provide value to your customers.

3.    Spammy comments. While it is good to spread links that point back to your site across related websites, you should also pay attention to the kind of comments that come with those links. Spammy, poorly written, and otherwise irrelevant comments will only draw readers and potential customers away. To keep your website's integrity, only approve comments that offer real value to customers.

4.    Overloaded anchor text links. Keyword links are good for search engine optimization. However, you should be careful when utilizing them in your anchor text. Anchor text links are keyword phrases within a website content that hyperlinks to a website URL. These links must have proper keyword ratio so that they would look normal in Google's eyes. Just the same, you should also build keyword links for people and end user intent, not just for search engines. One way to do this is to generate keyword links using a variety of relevant keywords that refer to significant elements of your business, but are saying different things, so as not to be labeled as unnatural by search engines as well as human users.

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Search Engine Optimization Firm

Search Engine Optimization Firm with Web Design and SEO Expertise

Web design and search engine optimization go hand in hand when it comes to web marketing. Not only should a website be dressed up in a way that would attract visitors, it should also be built with search engines in mind, meaning it should be optimized so that content can easily be digested by search engine robots for proper indexing. When a website is too design-heavy (too many images, flash animations, and other design elements that don't really mean much to search engine robots), search engines tend to overlook it, which can be very damaging to a business' ranking, especially when success is measured by the number of convertible visitors that come to the site. Without getting indexed and placing high in search engine results, search ranks suffer, and so does the website's ability to convert visitors into paying customers. So how do you select a search engine optimization firm with ample web design and SEO expertise? Here are some ideas to take home:

1.    Web design (the creative aspect), SEO and programming (the technical aspects), involve and require different skill sets. While it is possible for a single person to be knowledgeable in both the creative and technical aspects of web design and SEO/programming, it is very rare for him to be proficient in both, as they require specialization. This is why it is best to consult with an agency that have special people to handle both sides of the task.

2.    Go for a search engine optimization firm that can show you specific terms and achievable end goals, which can be attained through their services, instead of a company that will simply throw first page rankings on the table. It is better to choose a company that projects a percentage of increase in the number of unique visitors that use your site over an agency that guarantees first page ranking on major search engines—which is, as I'm sure you've heard, impossible to predict and guarantee.

3.    Consider a search engine optimization firm that has a clearly defined process or course of action when dealing with website design and optimization. Ask about the kinds of tools, technologies, and strategies that they use, as well as the different services they offer to make sure everything is in place before you sign up for their services. While you don't necessarily need to know every detail of their working system, it is best to be on the same page with them, especially since the fate of your website lies in their hands. Make sure that their business or operational model is geared towards improving your bottom line, not just their own.

4.    Compare costs. To make sure you are getting the best value for your investment, compare rates and offers of the different search engine marketing and optimization firms you are considering. This way, you can study which ones are offering the best deals at the best rates, but don't choose an agency solely because they are offering the cheapest services. Quality service should be a priority when making your decision.

Finding The Right Search Engine Optimization Firm

search engine optimization firmIf you have been thinking about hiring an SEO company to increase your online presence and establish your brand recognition, you may not really be sure about what they can actually bring to your business. If so, you are probably considering what type of benefits there are to working with a search engine optimization firm, as opposed to handling your website’s SEO on your own. As a leading ...

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Search Engine Ranking Optimization: Creating Rock-Solid Content

To rank high in online searches, you need to find ways to make your website valuable in the eyes of search robots as well as your human audience. This is why more than getting your content optimized for proper indexing by search bots, you also need to make it appealing to the readers who receive them. Generating content that is not only readable (by search bots) but is also worth sharing will make search engine ranking optimization much easier, as you are able to cater to the appetite of both your human readers and the search engines. Shareable content also ups your cool among your readers and target audiences, and it makes your brand more recognizable as more people share it within their own networks. Maximizing the benefits of search engines as well as social media sites (through sharing) is one of the best strategies to have in your bag of SEO tricks. Here are some insights on how you can improve your website's bottom line through search ranking optimization and quality content creation:

1.    Do proper keyword research. Determining keywords or phrases that you want to rank for is always the first step in search engine ranking optimization. Without a focused set of key terms to target, it will be hard to measure results and improve on your strategies later on. There are many different keyword research tools that you can use to make the task easier. Google even offers a free tool, (Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool) which helps webmasters determine which keywords are most competitive in specific niches and which keywords are most ideal to use for optimization.

2.    Know where to put them keywords in your website copy. Now that you have the proper keywords to optimize, you should know how to use them in your content—and we don't mean keyword stuffing (an age old SEO tactic where in you bombard a page with targeted keywords in an attempt to raise rankings for that particular term or set of terms). Intelligent placing of keywords such as in your article title and sparingly in the body of the article (about 3 to 5 times) is enough to let search engines know what exactly your content is talking about. In turn, your pages can be indexed properly and people will be more compelled to read your piece, especially if it is exactly what they are searching for.

3.    Make your content share-worthy. Creating share-worthy content is not as hard. Just be distinctive, insightful, compelling (humorous/catchy) and you will get the response you desire from your audience. Basically, just create content that your audience and you, yourself will want to share.

4.    Promote content. A big part of search engine ranking optimization is knowing how and where to promote your content. Develop an online network that is truly interested in what you have to offer instead of collecting followers that will eventually ignore your content. Quality is always better than quantity, especially when talking about online relationships with your target audience.

Search Engine Rank Optimization

Potent Tools for Search Engine Rank Optimization

By now, you should know that SEO is one of the main keys to success for an online business. After all, you can't really sell your products and/or services online if your customers cannot find your website. Whether you are doing search engine rank optimization in house or are outsourcing services, consider these potent tools and online services that can help you ease the SEO process while still pulling your web rankings and improving your website traffic:

1.    SEOProfiler. This SEO platform allows you to organize basic search engine optimization tasks, such as keyword research, link-building, competitive intelligence research, and much more. These essential SEO strategies can significantly improve and make a difference in your business' SEO campaign, plus it offers a detailed and easy to understand reporting feature, which displays important data in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to analyze manner. This initially free program is offered with a 30-day free trial period, which allows you to explore and master features before investing in a membership account.

2.  This web data toolset offers a comprehensive collection of optimization tools, along with SEO and social media optimization programs. Their SEO program has majority of the same functions as the first tool featured (SEOProfiler), but it has a less powerful link-building module, which can only track created links, rather than providing opportunities to discover new and potential linking partners. However, compensates with its powerful social media optimization suite, which allows users to monitor social media traffic, real time and gather important data that can help increase conversions and determine ROI from social media. This program, too offers a 30-day free trial option, although monthly fees are quite higher, at $250 to $500.

3.    Blackwood Productions. Offering revolutionary SEO services, Blackwood Productions has some of the most well-thought of SEO and online marketing packages. The company is the maker of the famous Webworks 2.0 platform, which allows semi-automation of SEO. The tool automates repetitive search optimization tasks and leaves subjective tasks in the hands of expert SEO specialists to make sure your website complies with SEO best practices. The company offers a wide variety of SEO and online marketing packages that you can choose from, including basic SEO services, Digital Marketing, Social Media Press Release, and even Mobile Site & App creation, which is a growing demand, especially in this day and age when mobile rules user preference. Prices start at $99.75 for basic SEO services at Blackwood.

4.    Raven Tools. This program offers both social media and SEO measurement programs, including tools that measure Google Adwords and Google Analytics data, which can be very useful in determining pay per click campaign success and effectiveness. Measurement tools like these are important in search engine rank optimization, as they help monitor activity and determine weak points in the search optimization campaign. Just like many other reputable search optimization tools, Raven Tools also comes at very affordable rates. It has a 30-day free trial, which includes the web advertising and analytics tool set, and monthly rates are as low as $99.

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Search Engine Optimization SEO Highlights: Keyword Research

In search engine optimization SEO, knowing which keywords to optimize your site for is crucial, especially when you want your brand to become synonymous with the very things that your target customers are searching for. As a website owner or marketer, you want to get first dibs on the targeted traffic that search engine queries offer. Knowing the exact keywords that your target customers are using when they search for services in your niche is important so you can use best practices as you optimize your website for the given keywords, and in turn improve your chances of getting the top rank or at least appearing on the first page of search engine results pages for your targeted queries.

There are many different ways for you to determine the very keywords that your target audiences are typing in the search bars of their favorite search engines. Here are the best means to do keyword research and help you optimize your site accordingly:

1.    Customer Research Intelligence. If you have done your market research prior to making any marketing effort online or offline, then you should have enough customer research knowledge to ride on. This should give you a good idea of what your target audiences and customers are after when searching for your business. You don't need expensive keyword generating tools to know that you should target "flower arrangement Glendale CA" if you own a flower shop in that area of Los Angeles, so learn how to make the most out of what you know about your business, your market share, and target audience.

2.    Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to take advantage of when doing keyword research for search engine optimisation SEO. The best thing about it is it's free. All you need to do is log in using your Google Webmaster Tools account to access the Traffic Sources you need. Here, you will find great information about your traffic and get a glimpse of the keywords that your visitors are using to reach you.

3.    Google's Related Searches. You may also use Google to conduct searches for the individual keywords you've already come up with. The bottom of the results page will show a separate section where a listing of keywords that are related or relevant to your original search phrase can be found. These related searches, especially those that offer relevance to your business definitely deserve their own place on your targeted keyword list.

4.    Other Keyword Research Tools. There are many other keyword research tools that you can use to improve your search engine optimisation SEO campaign. Many of these tools are accessible for free or for a minimal fee. These tools allow you to create more targeted content by generating appropriate keywords that are more likely to produce the traffic you need. They can show helpful statistics about search volume, average number of monthly searches, as well as the competitiveness of certain keywords and keyword phrases.

Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Bullet Proofing Your Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Website owners who experienced sudden loss of search juice and website traffic pin it on Google's Panda update and recent algorithm and system changes. What they don't realize is that they have themselves (or at least their old SEO habits) to blame for such a loss. The thing about search engines is they only want what's best for the users. They can't afford to generate spammy search results or end users will migrate to another search engine to get more relevant answers to their search queries. What you can do is bullet-proof your site so that your search engine optimization ranking will stay unmoved during scheduled or unexpected algorithm updates. Here are ways to survive algorithm updates that search engines throw at websites:

1.    Follow best practices. Really, search engine optimization is just about following best practices and guidelines that search engines impose. You won't have to worry about getting penalized if you are doing the right thing in the first place.

2.    Focus on generating quality and authoritative content. Search engines take many different factors and website elements into consideration when they rank search results for queries. Among these are relevance to the query, page quality, as well as the number and quality of inbound links that the page has. These factors have varying weight and value as seen by search engines, but one thing is certain: your website's authority and relevance is largely determined by the quality of content you produce. Content that is compelling, informative, and well written (includes targeted keywords) adds great value to your website. Not only does it attract readership, it also encourages sharing, which is just as good as building strong linking relationships with authority sites, in this day and age of social networking.

3.    Steer clear of bad links. Backlinking used to be all about the numbers. Today, however, quality trumps quantity when it comes to search engine optimization ranking. Low-quality backlinks simply don't drive targeted traffic into your site. While they can make your backlink profile look populated, in the eyes of search engines, they are nothing but red flags that diminish your site's value, especially when they are coming from spammy sites. A good way to turn this around is to publish authoritative content that people will be encouraged to share (see number 2).

4.    Invest in social media. Google now uses social signals as a part of their ranking algorithm, which is why it is important that you pay attention to your social presence and activity in the various social media platforms your business or company is using. Staying active on social media sites, where your target audiences are is important to influence search rankings. Committing at least a small portion of your working day to connecting with your followers and sharing content via social media can make a big difference in your search engine optimization ranking.

5.    Structure your site for easy navigation, your content for easy consumption. The internet and its users are all about convenience. This is why it is important to pay mind to how your website and content are structured. The fewer clicks a user needs to do to reach your content, the better, or else you will lose their interest.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Get Ahead the Competition with Search Engine Optimization Marketing

If you are done watching your business rivals usurp top rankings in search engines, leaving you in the dust, then it may be high time to rethink your search engine optimization strategies. Maintaining high search rankings can be a struggle, especially as competitors step up their game, threatening to shake up your position. It is an endless race, and a tough one, especially since rules can change right in the middle of your perfect stride. How do you keep winning a continuous race? By constantly improving your website and monitoring your rivals' activity. Here are some useful tips to help you with your search engine optimization marketing:

1.    Keyword Targeting. One of the most important things in SEO is keyword targeting. When creating compelling content, need to pay close attention to the words you are using, more importantly to the keywords that you are targeting. Don't stop at getting top rankings for a certain keyword. Target search queries that yield that attract the highest traffic, if you really want to improve your viewership and increase your market share. Determining the most searched keywords in your niche is not hard, especially with the number of tools available to make keyword targeting and research easier. You have Google's Webmaster Tools and Analytics program, among many free tools you can find over the web. Paid programs are also at hand, offering even more valuable insights that can help you in your keyword research.

2.    Content Marketing. Content cannot be overlooked when talking about search engine optimization marketing. As important as it is to target keywords that people are actually searching for, you need to generate content where those keywords will ride. Take your targeted keywords and build content around them—anything that is relevant to your specific industry will work wonders in building your authority and relevance in your own niche. High-value content equals reader interest, which can later lead to viral sharing and overall improvement of your search rankings.

3.    SEO Trends. In SEO, rules are always changing, and jumping into new techniques can be a waste of time and effort, if you do so blindly. While it is important that you keep current with the trends, it is also best that you check your website's current situation and examine whether or not certain strategies will truly benefit your site or will just be additional work with little to no positive results.

4.    Monitoring. As important as it is to monitor your own SEO results, it is also best to monitor your competitor's SEO activities, such as their backlink profiles, and on-site optimization efforts. This way, you can reverse engineer their search engine optimization marketing tactics and possibly improve on them so you can get better results. Monitoring your competitor's activities will help you see how you are faring in the competition and allows you to think and formulate ways in order to improve your standing, either by copying what they are doing or by learning from their mistakes.

Search Engine Optimization Company

5 Search Engine Optimization Company Basics to Look For

Search optimization can be DIY-ed. However, professional consultants and agencies offer greater value to your optimization campaign, as they already know the ins and outs of the business, while you have to go through a long learning curve to master even just the basic principles of optimization. This is why you should consider hiring a search engine optimization company to make the job less intimidating and free your time up to do and focus on other business responsibilities. If you simply don't have the time to deal with your website optimization or your efforts haven't been sufficient to get the results you need, here are basic qualities to look for in a good search optimization agency that will pull your site's rankings up:

1.    Experience. In the fast paced world of search, it is important that you choose a consultant or a team that has the experience in navigating constant and frequent updates that search engines put into play. You can't compromise campaign effectiveness especially in this competitive environment. To know whether or not your candidate has ample experience, ask for case studies and find out about their past successes and failures and how they were able to push through difficult times. This said, you should also go for one that keeps current with search engine best practices.

2.    Presence. Along with experience, your search engine optimization company should also have good industry presence. This doesn't necessarily mean that they should lead every search query you make for "best SEO company". Rather, watch out for their regular posts and contributions on top search industry news sites or their own blog. Regular updates and content generation on topics relating to search optimization and marketing is a good sign of a reliable, experienced, and investment-worthy agency.

3.    Results. Don't pay much attention to companies that promise you first page results in a specific time frame. It is simply impossible to put a number or predict the amount of time you will need to dedicate to SEO in order to get high ranking for a single or all your targeted keyword phrases. Instead, you should find out how your candidate agency intends to measure the success or failure of your campaign. This can be through monitoring traffic, conversion levels, and backlinks.

4.    Reviews. A good way to know about your prospect company's caliber is by checking in with their previous clients. Frequent review sites, and you will find great recommendations and critiques for search optimization companies. This will give you a good idea of which agencies to consider and which ones to steer clear of.

5.    Pricing. Consultancy fees and service rates are also an important consideration, especially when you run a small business with a limited marketing budget. Factor in the cost of the service when making your decision so you won't end up paying more than you need to for an effective search optimization campaign. There are numerous companies offering good services for a fraction of the price that large scale agencies ask for.

Search Engine Optimization And Seo

Wrong Ways to Do Search Engine Optimization and SEO

Search engine optimization and SEO involve complex processes and thorough analysis of website metrics in order to succeed. With so many elements involved in creating and maintaining an effective SEO program, web masters, especially those who are inexperienced in the field can easily mess up their own search marketing and optimization efforts. Here are ways to tell that you are doing your search optimization wrong:

1.    You think that SEO is only about getting your title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and other technical and behind-the-scenes elements in line. While these elements are definitely important, they only comprise a minor percentage of your total algorithmic score, which Google uses to determine rankings. Onsite SEO offers value to this number, but what's more important is unifying these onsite elements with regular and high quality content creation and distribution (content marketing) and other important optimization strategies such as link building and social media marketing.

2.    You focus heavily on acquiring inbound links. Many website owners still waste a good deal of their time commenting on blogs and subscribing to free directors just to swap links with other websites, when they should focus their efforts on building relevance through valuable content generation and creating an effective guest blogging strategy to promote their relevance and authority in a given niche.

3.    You think gaming the system will work. Taking shortcuts in search engine optimization and SEO simply will not work in this day and age of stricter web master guidelines and algorithm updates. Gaming the system by littering your content pages with targeted keywords and spamming links will only trigger penalties from search engines, creating more work as you try to clean up your backlink profile and modify your content to gain more relevance.

4.    You obsess with charts and metrics, but forget all about good content. While it is important that you pay attention to analytics, your efforts will be futile if your content is nothing but pure blah. Sucky content will not rank well, even if you follow old-time tricks like keyword density and frequency (which have come to obsolescence ever since content relevance took center stage). Intelligent content that is optimized for both people and search spiders will attract better search signals and encourage better audience retention and even advocacy, this giving you good metrics to obsess about.

5.    You do too much search engine optimization and SEO. Optimization is crucial, but be careful not to overdo it. Effective SEO doesn't necessarily mean getting your hands working on every channel. Concentrate your efforts on certain aspects of optimization, where you know you can thrive and aim to consistently show up in searches. You can always expand your efforts later on and work to include other online channels to expand your reach.

6.    You fixate on trends. Staying current with the latest trends is good, but you don't always have to embrace every new trend that comes out in SEO. Each website has its own optimization needs and you don't need to use every new trick to stay afloat in search results. Focus on what you know best and traffic will come.

Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization

Best Tools for Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization

In the past, online marketing is all about raising traffic. Now that building relationships among consumers and audiences offers more value than mere traffic numbers, online marketers are more concerned in establishing rapport with audiences than merely counting how many visits web pages get. Here is a review of excellent online tools that can help you build better consumer relationships while keeping your internet marketing search engine optimization efforts in the right balance with all other online marketing strategies you are using. We used five (5) important criteria to assess these potential marketing tools, namely, their ease of use, relationship-building capabilities, data tracking, email marketing features, and cost:

1.    Vertical Response: This tool and service is designed for small businesses. It uses an user-friendly template for email marketing, while also offering a quick and easy means to build your database and upload your existing contacts, so you can reach out to audiences and reinforce relationships easily. The tool also offers quick online tracking features and offers detailed reports on clickthroughs and "reads" or "opens". The tool even tells you if an email address isn't active anymore or if you have entered a contact twice. Vertical Response also features professional email and newsletter templates to help you present your messages and updates better. Moreover, the service has a pre-paid credit payment system for easy budget management.

2.    WeMeUS: This online marketing tool is directed at marketing professionals who want to organize, manage, and retain contacts effectively for more convenient email marketing. It allows you to tag and categorize existing contacts and links accounts to LinkedIn networks and contacts for easy relationship-building and management. The program also offers a 360-view of a user's email marketing activity, as well as quick tracking of which contacts are opening your messages. The tool also uses unique message templates that can be personalized with company artwork and logo for extended branding and better engagement. Premium membership with WeMeUs is also offered at very reasonable costs, plus the tool is available for free trial.

3.    Blackwood Productions: If you want a complete internet marketing search engine optimization tool and service, then Blackwood Productions is the best place to turn to. More than email marketing, this leading web marketing and SEO company offers comprehensive services, including social media and press release management, basic SEO, digital marketing, as well as mobile site and app creation. The service offers excellent tracking and monitoring capabilities, scanning and analyzing metrics for better evaluation of your online marketing efforts. SEO services are also semi-automatic, streamlining repetitive SEO tasks, while keeping subjective tasks monitored by actual SEO experts. The service also offers weekly press releases, blog updates, and display advertising and packages offer unique tracking services, along with Google Suite integration, which allows you to access important analytics tools in one convenient platform for easy data and results monitoring. The company also offers competitive rates, most of which require no setup fees. The most basic SEO package available start as low as $99.75.

High Search Engine Ranking Optimization

Measuring High Search Engine Ranking Optimization

It is not enough that your business subscribes to a high search engine ranking optimization program. To determine the success or failure of your marketing attempts, you need ways to measure how well your business is doing in terms of reaching your consumers and target audiences. Online marketing is an investment and you need ways to know whether or not your investment is paying out and how your website is bringing you real business value. Measuring online marketing success isn't about expensive tools and software that generate all sorts of data. Even the simplest analytics tools can help you gauge, monitor, and track how your online marketing campaign is doing. Here are key points you need to remember to help you focus your data generation and evaluation efforts:

1.    Know what to measure. Go back to your original drawing board and be reminded of your key goals. This way, you will know exactly what to measure. Website goals can generally be divided into two types: revenue and engagement goals. Revenue goals refer to calls to action like a sale, appointment requests, or a physical visit to your business' location.  Engagement goals, on the other hand, refer to organic traffic (clickthroughs via search engines), long visit duration, and visitor sign-up.

2.    Know appropriate tools to use. There are numerous tools and software that you can use to measure your revenue or engagement goals. No matter the size of your campaign, your high search engine ranking optimization program will benefit greatly from a web analytics program, many of which you can use for free, like Google Analytics. Web master tools from Google and Bing, are also very useful, especially if you want to access data that search engines have on your site. These data are especially useful as they are the very numbers that search engines use to determine your website's worth.

3.    Know what metrics to focus on. This can be a number of things. Monitoring qualified traffic, for one is a good place to start. Qualified traffic or visitors are people who are more likely to convert into customers. You can determine whether a visitor is a potential customer by looking at traffic sources. Traffic from unpaid searches (organic searches via search engines, for instance) are great examples of qualified traffic, along with traffic from referring sites, or sites that link to your content, which also offer great value.

4.    Don't obsess on sales. Not everyone who visits your website is looking to purchase something. Some visitors simply want to learn more about what you can offer—while this may appear like wasted effort, this metric also allow you to get valuable insight on how well or how effectively you are engaging your potential customers. Instead of focusing solely on increased sales, consider looking at your engagement metrics, such as the time or duration of page views, your RSS subscriptions, and similar data. These metrics allow you to dig deeper into how your marketing strategies are affecting consumer behavior.

Internet Search Engine Optimization

3 Deadly Internet Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

Staying current with all the algorithm and system updates that search engines make can be a very daunting task, especially with strict guidelines in play for every internet search engine optimization campaign you put into action in your website. In an effort to give internet users the best possible index of results for the things they are looking for online, search engines will only continue to revise and improve their system and ranking equations. Here are some deadly SEO mistakes you can and are probably making and some ways to avoid slip-ups because of them:

1.    Improper keyword research. Despite the many algorithm and equation changes that search engines throw at web marketers and website owners, one thing remains—search runs on keywords. And since search engine results show websites that are relevant to keyword queries, it is a mistake not to keep your content grounded on proper keyword research. If you select and generate your web postings willy-nilly rather than create content based on keywords and topics that are relevant to what your website is all about, you limit your opportunity to attract qualified traffic. There are many different tools that you can use to do proper keyword research, most of which are offered free. Google's Adwords Keyword Research service, for example, allow you to look for the best and most competitive search queries that generate the kind of traffic volume you need and want for your website.

2.    Holding on to low-value backlinks. Link building is one of the most important aspects of internet search engine optimization. In years past, quantity is favored over quality when it comes to backlinks. Now that the tables have turned, however, search engines put quality ahead of quantity when ranking websites. Therefore, holding on to low-value backlinks, such as those coming from spammy and irrelevant websites as well as those that are built purposefully for distributing links just to keep your numbers high is unwise. Google's Penguin update weeds out spam sites out of their search results, which means backlink profiles riddled with spammy links may cause your site to be penalized. To avoid this, pursue links from relevant authority sites that will add value to your own website.

3.     Developing a site that is hard to index. Search engine robots are text hogs. This means they digest textual content more effectively than images and other web design elements. For a search engine to effectively index your site for proper reference whenever a searcher types in search queries that are relevant to your content, their robots will have to know that your content is indeed relevant to the search queries. This is why it is important to optimize your website accordingly, while also maintaining good user experience. To avoid being overlooked by search bots, take it easy on the use of certain web design elements that are hard for them to read and digest such as images (or text that is embedded in images), flash animations, JavaScript and code elements.

Search Engine Optimization Companies

Important Questions Search Engine Optimization Companies Should Know the Answer To

If you have been doing SEO for months and are still not getting the results you desire, it may be high time to consider looking at search engine optimization companies to do the work for you. Here are important questions that your prospect SEO firm should know how to answer to merit your trust:

1.    How can you improve my search rankings? –Any web consultant or agency that is worth considering will be willing to discuss their strategies in detail. They have to take the time to sit down and explain exactly what they can do to help pull up you Google rankings. Additionally, the SEO company should give you a realistic timeline to achieve the goals you have set. Ask for a technical review and assessment of your website to determine which aspects of search optimization and marketing need the most attention and to know how to go about fixing problems.

2.    Do you follow best practices and webmaster guidelines? – Any website owner that is serious about ranking well in search engines will want a consultant who strictly adheres to webmaster best practices imposed by Google (and other search engines). Google's publicly posted guidelines specifically lays down penalty-triggering and prohibited SEO tricks such as generating spammy content automatically, adding hidden and bogus text and links, etc. Failure to comply with these guidelines may lead to low search rankings or a complete de-indexing of your website from search results.

3.    Can you improve my local search standings? – Local SEO is very important, especially when you are running a small local business and are targeting consumers that are within your business' physical radius. Look into search engine optimization companies that offer expertise in local SEO so your website will have better chances of appearing in local searches for key terms that are relevant to your website and business. They should know all about local listings and online directories that specialize in your specific geographical area.

4.    Do you guarantee top rankings in searches? If your target company answers yes, be on guard for blackhat techniques. No matter how skilled an SEO professional or company is, the simple truth is no one can guarantee top rankings in search engines, because only Google, Yahoo, and other search giants can control how your website appears in their SERPs. If your prospect firm insists on this guarantee, watch out for unethical practices that they are likely using.

5.    How do you measure results? Search optimization campaigns progress through measurable results. If you want to make sure that your campaign is growing with the times, ask your SEO company candidates how they measure the success or failure of each campaign. Different tools can be used to measure, track, and evaluate search marketing and optimization efforts, such as Google Analytics and similar platforms. These tools help track not only your rankings but also the number of links your site has, the keywords that your customers use to find your pages, and many more. 

Search Engine Optimization Packages

Your Search Engine Optimization Packages Should Have These

If you want a highly effective search optimization campaign you need to find search engine optimization packages that includes all the basic services any website needs to boost rankings and perform well in searches. Making your site visible and accessible to your target visitors can be difficult without the proper tools to make this happen. Professional SEO companies such as Blackwood Productions provide comprehensive and customizable packages that can be tailored to the very needs of your website so as to promote your business effectively and yield great results online. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a search optimization package to boost your website standings and improve web presence in the long run:

1.    The size of your business
2.    Your end goals
3.    Your target market
4.    Competition and niche
5.    Geographic location (the need for local SEO)
6.    Social media goals
7.    Budget

All these are important factors to consider if you want to find fitting search engine optimization packages that can truly meet your website's needs. Additionally, you should look for service packages that include basic SEO strategies that no SEO campaign can do without. These are:

1.    Link building
2.    Keyword research
3.    Web design
4.    Content development
5.    Website promotion
6.    Social media marketing and optimization
7.    Conversion rate optimization
8.    Monitoring

It is also important to make sure that your chose agency follows the best practices and guidelines that search engines set when it comes to optimization and marketing. There are many different types of search engine optimization packages that you can choose from, but make sure the one you pick has all the above features so that you can create a comprehensive program for your website.

Determine your business goals before you make your decision of which SEO package to get, as this will dictate which kinds of services you truly need or can forgo to save on your search optimization and marketing budget. Every business across different industries have varying needs, especially when it comes to marketing online. Each, also faces different challenges, which is why it is important to plan your actions before making your decision. Consider social media exposure, paid inclusions, PPC campaigns, local marketing, article submissions, on and off-page optimization, link building, and other optimization strategies, which can all add great value to your marketing efforts. Building your site's competitiveness within your niche can be challenging if you don't have the right tools and strategies on hand. Consider your marketing goals and the direction you want your website to take so you can make an informed decision about the types of search engine optimization packages to look for. Go for a professional firm backed by experienced specialists that can offer you a wide range of services to meet your business' online promotion needs.

Search Engine Optimization Service

DIY SEO vs. Search Engine Optimization Service

Many entrepreneurs wonder what a search engine optimization service can do differently for their marketing campaign that they can't do for themselves. While it is true that anyone with a good handle of how the web and search engines work can do basic optimization, it still makes sense to call in a professional or a specialist to do the work for you, especially when things are starting to get too complicated. SEO emergencies are best dealt with by an experienced professional, much like you wouldn't want to touch your home's faulty electrical wiring, because you might only make things worse, or end up hurting yourself.

SEO professionals know exactly how to get to the bottom of things when your traffic suddenly (and mysteriously) starts plunging down or your ranking slips out of the blue. An SEO DIY-er like you might simply not have the experience and the skills to quickly solve the problem, which can cost your business a great deal of loss.

More than these kinds of emergencies, a search engine optimization service also allows you to maintain your website and ensure that the methods you are using to improve your rankings doesn't violate any guidelines and best practices set forth by search engines. Search is an ever-changing sphere and it is important to keep current with these changes so as not to be left behind by your competition. A professional SEO helps you stay in-tune with the constantly changing world of search and it's probably better to have a professional by your side to help guide you through these technicalities and trends than trying to figure things out by yourself, which, not only takes time, but puts you at risk of costly mistakes.

However, you should also be careful when choosing a search engine optimization service to trust because just like any other industry, scam artists and dodgy characters also exist in the SEO world. Because search optimization and marketing are such profitable businesses, many people are taking advantage of unsuspecting and inexperienced business owners and entrepreneurs, promising them good online search and marketing performance and then leaving them in the dust once they get their payout.  This is why it is best to look for reputable companies to outsource these services. The best way to know which agencies offer the best and most reliable services is by getting recommendations from business owners just like yourself. Ask around and take time to visit industry forums, where you can be surrounded by people who truly know their stuff. Find good candidates and examine their services and offerings as well as their references. This way, you can be sure that you are investing on the right people.

As a business owner, it is best that you distribute tasks such as online marketing and search optimization to people who have ample expertise in the field. Remember that you can't do everything by yourself and outsourcing will save you a great deal of time, money, and effort, than trying to fix problems caused by the wrong DIY SEO approach.

Search Engine Optimization Services

When to Do SEO Internally and When to Hire Search Engine Optimization Services

People are met by 'make or buy' decisions every day. In fact, many business decisions are grounded on this very principle. Big companies with huge marketing budgets have no problem using outside SEO, while smaller businesses prefer internal search engine optimization services because of budget limitations. This said, doing SEO internally or externally shouldn't just be a matter of monetary or budget capacity. It should also be a matter of need and businesses, even small ones, shouldn't be held back by these limitations alone when making their decision.

There is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether or not a company should do SEO in house or outsource services to experienced firms. It all depends on their capacities as well as the need of the business at the moment. The size of your business doesn't even matter, as the real factor that you should consider is whether or not you need outside service and whether or not you have the capacity to do optimization on your own. If your company is already outsourcing different activities for the business, then it makes sense that you should also hire a firm to help you do search optimization tasks or even do everything for you. However, more companies take the hybrid approach, where they hire outside search engine optimization services and integrate them with what they already do in house. A professional search optimization team who can stay up-to-date with the most recent trends and SEO techniques that can be beneficial to your campaign is a great asset, as they can keep your strategies in line with the constantly changing SEO environment. They can also help make sure that you integrate with your in-house practices, all the important updates and strategies that will help you improve your SEO campaign as a whole.

Whatever you decide (whether you want to keep things in house or go for professional search engine optimization services), make sure that you weigh your options and talk with different vendors to make sure you can have plenty of choices. It is also important to look at references to verify their services. With the number of search marketing and optimization agencies that exist in the market, it can be very easy to get distracted and become confused about which firm or agency to hire. To get your business, these companies will try to tell you things like they have this certification or they rank first in their field. Nevertheless, you should look into their references to find out whether or not they deliver as promised. Hiring SEO services, just like any business relationships is a partnership and you should make sure that the company you wish to work with has your best interest at heart and are up for getting the job done right and done well, not just to make money out of your business, but to improve your business overall.
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