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Buy SEO Services: How NOT to Get Ripped Off

The SEO and online marketing industry is not immune to fraudsters and scam artists that are out to swindle serious money from unsuspecting clients. You should only buy SEO services from trustworthy and highly experienced professionals and skip on too-good-to-be-true offers and promises from phony firms. Before you agree to a contract with a prospect provider, watch out for the following red flags that will help you determine a fraud or simply inept SEO company from a real, competent, and legitimate provider:

1.    Random calls/emails from an 'expert' company. If an SEO firm resorts to cold calling clients into buying their services, they most probably are not worth your business. A good online marketer, will first and foremost know how to market their own services without ambushing clients through random phone and email marketing. Will they be able to competently market your company online? We don't think so.

2.    Misleading rankings. Some companies trick clients into buying their services by appearing authoritative through paid links. What they do is attract rankings for some keywords by investing in paid links, which put them in the top spots of paid listings. Naturally, they attract a steady flow of clients and sales, which is why they can afford expensive paid links to stay on top. This will also mean high billing rates for paid-link driven optimization, which, in the long run will drain your SEO budget. When this happens, you will find that you have invested in the wrong kind of search marketing and you will have to start from the bottom to start ranking for organic search traffic. Save yourself the time, money and pain and buy SEO service from firms that offer the right balance between organic SEO and paid SEM.

3.    Offshore work. A lot of SEO companies operate their sales operation in the US and outsource SEO work in developing countries that have relatively low labor costs. With the SEO professionals who actually do the work for you located on the other side of the world, it can be hard to monitor the quality of work done, unless the company has solid client support. In addition, a lot of offshore SEO work lean towards practices that search engines frown upon, not only diminishing your website quality, but putting it at risk for penalties.

4.    Industry jargon. A good SEO professional will be able to explain to you exactly what optimization can do to improve your website rankings using common English, shady players will try to confuse you with big words and complicated industry jargon not only to make them sound 'expert' but try to pull more money out of your pocket.

5.    Top rank guarantees. Be wary of marketing agencies that promise you the first spot in Google rankings for your target keywords. Even Google has said that nobody can guarantee a number 1 ranking in search results as standards and factors in determining these rankings vary and are too many for a service to merit a guarantee. Instead of falling for tempting guarantees, look for credible assurances of a company's experience and expertise—these are more realistic guarantees that they will actually work to put you on top results.

6.    Black hat practices. Black hat SEO simply refers to practices that don't follow the guidelines set by search engines. Instead, they use trickery and manipulation to make search engines believe that a site is relevant. When your SEO professional begins talking about link farms and other spammy black hat techniques, head for the doors and look for another company to buy SEO services from. Buy Seo Services

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Expert Seo Services

Profile of an Expert in SEO Services

SEO specialists have milestones to achieve in climbing the ladder up to ‘expert.’ They start as ‘novice optimizers’ who merely follow  set rules and step by step guides, until they graduate into being ‘innovators’ with enough experience to explain the unexplained in the world of search optimization. So many people claim to offer expert SEO services but sadly, more than half of them are lying.

Real experts who know SEO from inside out are quite harder to find, especially since search engine optimization is a multi-skilled discipline that doesn't only require technical skills and knowledge, but analytical and creative skills to analyze data sources and produce quality content that drives the site as well. These core skills and characteristics should be present in your SEO specialist or team of specialists, as there is rarely one person that possesses and is equally competent in all three.

‘Technical’ SEOs are those that are knowledgeable in writing computer codes and all the ins and outs of a website's back-end. ‘Creative’ SEOs have the editorial skills not only to write and create engaging content that users respond to, but incorporate important elements that make SEO work. ‘Analytical’ SEOs on the other hand have the ability to study, analyze, and evaluate inconsistent and often ambiguous data from multiple sources in order to diagnose problems and craft solutions for the rest of the technical and creative team to implement. Only when someone has all three skill sets can he/she claim to be someone who can offer expert SEO services.

In SEO, just like any other career, there is also a skill ladder to climb plus experiences to go through before one can be called an expert:

1.    Novice SEO — A novice in the field of SEO knows all the basic principles and can follow set rules and step by step instructions laid out by more experienced professionals before them. They know that they should include primary and secondary target keywords in the certain places.

2.    Advanced beginner SEO— Unlike the novice, the advanced beginner has enough experience to decide which rules to adapt to certain situations and cases they are working in. Instead of blindly following the rules, they know when to use them appropriately and won't use keywords when they shouldn't.

3.    Competent SEO — Competent SEOs know how to cope with the many guidelines and rules they have encountered and learned throughout their years of doing SEO as well as how to adapt them according to the circumstances they are in. They know how to skilled in determining why the site is not performing as they should on search engines, and have higher level of confidence in designing ways to achieve goals.
4.    Proficient SEO — Proficient SEOs are not only competent in determining problems, but are proficient in addressing them. They can diagnose site issues quickly and they know how to prioritize strategies. They know a lot, but they also know that they still have a lot to learn about the industry.

5.    Expert SEO— Expertise comes with years of experience, learning, unlearning, and relearning principles as well as practicing what you know. Expert SEOs can look at most websites and immediately know what they need in terms of SEO, with the exception of some tough cases and sites that have obscure problems. They can regain balance and control of the site with even the smallest of cues, and know how to explain what they do to clients in words that they can understand.

6.    SEO Innovator — When an expert reaches the state where he can articulate explanations of the previously unexplained workings of SEO, he becomes an innovator.

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Guaranteed Seo Services

Don't Trust Guaranteed SEO Services

Product and service guarantees are important when you’re buying a product like an iPhone, for example, but not when you are buying SEO. The simple fact is that there can never be real guarantees that your site will get the top rank, even after a comprehensive round of optimization campaign. Those so-called guaranteed SEO services are almost always scams that deceitful companies use to take money from unsuspecting clients. Sadly, many inexperienced website owners fall for it and end up losing money.

Here are top three reasons why SEO results cannot be guaranteed:

1.    No one outside of Google's experts and engineers know what algorithm the search engine uses to rank websites. Without this information, it is impossible to guarantee results or that your website is following Google's or any other search engine's standards to the letter. It's just like trying to impress your professor with a paper you wrote, but for which he didn't give any outlines or guidelines. Not knowing what he wants out of the paper, you can only guess what will satisfy his standards enough to give you a good grade. In the same way, you can't really be completely sure what your website's ranking will be when you're blind to these rules and algorithms.

2.    Rankings vary from one location to another and from one user to another. Local search signals play a big part especially when searching for generic keywords like good hotels or great restaurants. Since search results depend on a user's location and/or Google+ profile, connections, and other contributing factors, they are too unpredictable for guarantees.

3.    A solid rank on SERPs only shows that you are doing good SEO work, but it doesn't necessarily reflect your website's performance (i.e., conversions). You may be able to attract a good deal of traffic through organic searches, but if you fail to convert them to paying customers, your top rank can't really guarantee success for your business.    

Google itself has this to say about guaranteed SEO services:

"No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google."

There were never any priority submissions nor will  there ever be any special relationships that can exist between an SEO organization and the search giant. This only strengthens the argument that you shouldn't trust companies that insist on guaranteed top spots in search engines. A reputable and trustworthy SEO company will be confident enough to admit these things to their clients and effectively spell out why SEO results can never be guaranteed.

Does this mean you should neglect search optimization all together? Robert Bibb of Blackwood Productions, a leading search engine optimization and online marketing firm, has the answer. "Absolutely not. Failing to lay SEO groundwork for your website will kill your traffic as your competitors strengthen their campaigns. While the best SEO companies will never guarantee a ‘top one’ ranking on Google, you can be sure that they will go leaps and bounds to boost your rankings up in the best way possible, without resorting to black hat techniques."

Why You Need Guaranteed SEO Services For Your Business

If you are managing your own business or you are running someone else’s business, your primary and most important objective is to make profits. In order to achieve this, you will have to know how to cost-effectively and quickly market your business. Your goal will be to get to your largest possible potential customers in a very short time frame. Prior to this era, business owners only had the option of ...
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