Safe Strategies

While any type of linking can carry a certain risk, we do everything possible to minimize that risk. We build a small pool of relevant quality listings that are appropriate and unique to your business. Unlike large networks we don’t build 1000’s of keyword exact links on sites with zero relevancy. We focus on quality over quantity.

With just a handful of relevant links you get more power then you could ever imagine. Why? because these links are from real websites who are happy to host a listing back to you. The listing is not crammed with unrelated junk or over stuffed with keywords. It’s on topic, hand written, and done so in a way to promote you and your content.

Its more than just a simple keyword link. It’s a heading surrounded by a relevant blurb with a direct business name link and even a screen shot link of your home page linking back to you. We even include links to your social profiles!

Don’t look at this just as a link to increase results. Consider it a content share. The placement will link directly to a related page of content on your website. This strategy promotes to content not just a keyword.

Real Websites make the difference. The sites on our platform are not link farms or contrived websites. They are real websites from real business who voluntarily opt in to our service to manage their SEO links. This is what makes our strategies effective and above all - Safe.