Google Tweets and Bing breaks 20 percent search share

Posted: 2015-09-01 15:27:15

Google to add live tweets to search

Back in February Google and Twitter hashed out a deal that would again start showing live tweets within the search results. This time however Google does not need to crawl the Twitter database for updates. Instead it will have access to the Twitter live feeds so that the results can show the tweets in real time. When this deal was made they said after the first half of the year you would start seeing the tweets within the results. With very little real talk going on about this venture it can be assumed that many people forgot about this little union.

Now that Bing is starting to raise in search shares because of the tight integration with Cortana and Bing into the OS as well as Windows mobile trying to take hold and in Oct we will see the polished version of windows 10 mobile it only makes sense that the Bing search share will continue to rise. This is the first year in history that Bing broke the 20% milestone for US searches.

With that being said this is the perfect time for Google to start doing what it has always done best, organic search results. So if you have yet to see any tweets showing up in your result pages then expect to see them soon as Google fights to regain the search share percentages it has been losing. Because with Cortana being moved to IPhone and android phones Bing is really trying to show it is a viable search engine for the market.

-James Trivolette

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