Google Update to Rank by Facts

Posted: 2015-07-12 16:57:24

Google recently made a change to their core ranking algorithm. Many thought there would be several of these (and there still may be) to make the result pages better. However Google announced something completely different. A new update that will rank websites by the facts that are within the sites content and not by the links that are linking to them. The proposed solution, according to a Google funded research team is to compute a “Knowledge-Based Trust score” for every web page, based on Google’s own “Knowledge Vault”, an automated database that determines “facts the web unanimously agrees on”.
It is a know fact that the internet has grown more in the last few years then it did in the last 10 years before that combined.  This means there is now a lot of junk on the web taking up space and valuable result page positions because of the amount of links they have gotten pointed at them. So to fix this error Google looks to rank the site not by it’s linking power but by how factual the site is with its content.
No word when this mighty update is occurring but we would suggest taking a hard look at your web content and see that everything in it is truth and not something that is just of your personal opinion.  Blackwood Productions offers several types of packages but all of our paid Local and paid National packages come with a number of content pages that are written by our professional writing team whom also know how to do research to dig up the facts. 
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-James Trivolette

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