Google AI RankBrain Integrated into Core Search Algorithm

Posted: 2015-12-15 14:18:41

     With a lot of talk centering around Bing and the company, Microsoft, of late, Google was not to be left behind. Whether you have realized it or not the search has been a little different. This is because Google built an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and have integrated it into their core algorithm.
     RankBrain is the name of Google’s love child. This A.I. utilizes machine learning only. Meaning it’s knowledge is not programmed in but, instead is self-learned by trial and errors and just learning it’s surroundings and the vocabulary of every website. The reason for this type of learning method is so that RankBrain can better deal with searches that have never been done before. Google says that 15% of searches are new searches that have never been searched before and RankBrain is to help serve up the best results.
     RankBrain is given the task of analyzing every page of every website related to every search query. RankBrain also has the ability to make connections between different words and phrases. The way search used to work was that the keyword being searched for would have had to appear on the page being ranked or it would not have ranked. The features of RankBrain let it learn the different words that surround the keyword and to know if pages that do not contain the keyword would offer the best of results.
     RankBrain did not take over the Google algorithm but is just 1 component out of 100’s. So both Google and Bing are now utilizing artificial intelligence within the core of their respective search engines. It is clear, that the future of search will be quite different then what we have had in the past. What do you expect us to see from these technologies?

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