Why You Need More Than White Label SEO Resellers

 <a target= white label seo resellers" />As more people are getting to understand the importance of search engine optimization, the demand for it keeps increasing. This has also led to the emergence of white label SEO resellers. Organizations don’t really care whether it is the contractor that renders the service or he sub-contracted it to another company. All they are after is the results.

Hiring white label SEO resellers has become very common because it offers a win-win situation for the parties involved. The client is only concerned about getting results and if he gets his results, it is a win for him. The service provider already has the platform and technology on ground so he can render the service to more people with little additional efforts. So, no matter how much he earns from the additional third party client, it is a bonus for him. The white label SEO resellers also gain by taking their cut without much effort.

However, search engine optimization is not the only marketing technique. You need to back it up with some other actions otherwise, you won’t get results. Search engine optimization will only pull visitors and ready buyers to your site, you need to give them a good experience otherwise they won’t come back. Here are a few tips on how to make the best of your SEO efforts.

Your website should be engaging

Your website is the first point of contact between you and your existing and prospective customers. So, they will assess you with your website. It takes less than 2 minutes for most visitors to decide either to leave the site or browse further. It all depends on their experience.

Let your link be very specific. There is no point linking keywords to your home page. You will just make visitors’ journey longer. For instance, if you are into the sales of TV sets, air conditioning units and other home appliances, you should promote each of them separately with separate keywords. So, if a customer searches about TV sets and clicks on your link, he should be taken directed to your TV web page and not your home page.

Once a customer clicks the checkout button, take him directly to where he can make payment. It is quite annoying to disturb him with other non-relevant information at this point, thinking that you are up-selling and cross-selling. When he clicks on checkout and he is taken to another page other than the payment page, chances are good that he will abandon the cart and never come back again.

Quality products is the most important

If your products are of poor quality, no amount of SEO efforts can help the situation. In fact, when you have bad products or sub-standard products, it is better to stay away from SEO as it will run you down. The few customers that got to buy your products will come back for refund and also write nasty reviews about your products.

You know it is even better not to sell than to sell and refund later. When your products are great, normal reviews will sound like adverts. And when your products are bad, reviews will come from disgruntled customers. You know what that means.

Reasonable prices

You should also set your prices right. You may need to know what your competitors are doing on each product. This will help you set the price right. Even if a customer gets to buy a product from you at $10, he will become angry with you the day he finds out that he can get the same product for just $7 elsewhere.

In conclusion, always bear in mind that SEO only handles publicity and credibility. Your products, services and website should collectively handle the rest.


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Why You Need More Than White Label SEO Resellers Why You Need More Than White Label SEO Resellers

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