Choosing  A White Label SEO Reseller Program

Whether you are an SEO expert who is always busy or you are a novice who just needs to make money, you can take advantage of a White Label SEO reseller program to make some money without much effort. You can just get an SEO contract and give it to any reliable provider of White Label SEO reseller program. When your clients pay, you take your cut and pay the service provider.

Most clients do not really care about who does the job. They are only concerned with getting a satisfactory job. It is also easy for any White Label SEO reseller program provider to part with some of his profits because they already have platforms, tools and machineries to render the service with little efforts.

However, you have to ensure that your client gets the best possible service as it is your name that is at stake. As far as he is concerned, you are his SEO expert. This is why you have to be careful in your selection of SEO service provider.

Seek reference

It is advisable to start your search by seeking reference from friends and colleagues. In addition, you can do an online check. Check for top SEO service providers. You also need to do a background check on each of them. It is important to check the reviews on each of them.

Narrow the list down to the best four or five. Plan to call and discuss with all of them discretely so that you can compare their charges and terms of service.

Experience is importance

You may want to access the experience of each of the prospective SEO service providers. The one with the most experience is likely to offer the best services. Experience often comes with so much expertise. It is also important to find out the number of job done and the number of clients they have. There is a big difference between five years’ experience and one year’s experience repeated four times. You should be able to discern which is which.

Think about competitive prices

It is most likely that the most experienced SEO service provider will offer the highest charges. Really, it should not be a problem as quality does not come cheap. But what if the charges are way higher than your client’s budget? Remember, you still have to take your cut before paying the service provider. Don’t fall into the old trick. Higher charges do not always lead to higher quality jobs.

However, searching for a cost-effective service should have a limit. Stay away from overly low prices as they often lead to poor services. Inexperienced and incompetent SEO service providers also adopt this low price gimmicks to lure new clients

Do a constant follow up

It is very important to do a constant follow up to ensure the service is in progress. That way you will know if the job will be completed at the agreed time or not. You don’t want to call on the last day only to hear stories. You are the reseller. So, the client will hold you responsible.


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