White Label Seo Reseller Program

How to Earn a Lot of Money in a White Label SEO Reseller Program

How much money can you make when you join a white label SEO reseller program? What kinds of commission can you expect? And what can you do to get more clients and truly build a thriving business reselling SEO? Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Understanding the White Label SEO Revenue Model

At its core, a white label SEO reseller package is fundamentally akin to a referral program. As the reseller, your job is to find clients for your SEO provider. You get a commission from the marked-up SEO package, the price of which you can usually set (within reason, of course). In the eyes of your clients, you are the one performing all the work. They never have to know that you are actually just a reseller. Meanwhile, your SEO provider is anonymously chiseling away in the background to deliver results for your clients. They get work from you—and you get a commission from them. It’s that simple!

What is Considered a Good Commission?

Not all white label SEO reseller programs are the same. Some pay more than others. To truly make money as a reseller, you have to choose a program that is worth your time.

We here at Blackwood Productions pay anywhere from 25% to 50% of the top line billing for each client you bring in—a nice sum considering that you are doing not much else but remarketing or reselling our SEO service. We do all the actual work and you just bring in the clients. When you join our white label SEO reseller program, you can dramatically increase your overall revenue while providing your clients with world-class, proven SEO strategies that deliver results. We call that a win-win situation.

Tip: Go for INSTANT Commissions

Like most online marketers, you are probably tired of commission-based arrangements that take several months to actually give you money. They require you to hit certain margins, build up sales, meet a minimum payout amount, and essentially wait two or more months for a check in the mail—an old-fashioned check that you have to personally bring to a bank to encash. How inconvenient!

Well, we solved that issue by paying out all our resellers INSTANTLY using PayPal. The moment our automated billing system charges a client that you bring in, we immediately break off your commission and send it directly to your PayPal account. There are no transaction fees involved, so you get the entire amount. This policy lets you build a solid revenue stream quickly, inspires you to land the next client, and gives you the momentum to grow your business.

How do I get more clients?

Once you see the commission money come in every month, you will get addicted to closing the next deal—and then the next, and then another. We’ve seen it happen before. Our ‘smaller’ resellers start out with just one or two clients and end up with 20 or more after just a few months. Can you imagine how much they are making? (Clue: They make a lot.)  

We asked our top resellers to share some of the strategies they use to get more clients, and here are some of them:

1. Establishing authority in new forums

Forums have always been great places to network. To see results, go beyond your usual communities and start becoming active in new ones such as Quora, FormSpring, and even Facebook Questions. Niche Q&A sites are fertile grounds for getting new clients, too. Marketing yourself as an SEO expert to these growing audiences can mean new leads.

2. Guest blogging

Are you trying to sell SEO for businesses in your local area? Figure out where local businesses owners get their information online and find a way to guest blog there. Ensure that your byline is prominently displayed and contains all your contact details.

3. Publishing case studies

This strategy involves a lot of work, but it can really pay off if done right. Case studies are especially compelling and super effective for bringing in clients because they are (or seem) scientific and official. Your potential clients are always looking to read about how a company that is similar to theirs tripled their sales with SEO—so go ahead and give them that case study. Make sure that your study is presented in a digestible manner. Put a contact form with it and wait for the calls and emails to come in.

Now that you know how to make money reselling white label SEO packages, it’s time to start. Fill out this form and become a Blackwood Productions partner today. White Label Seo Reseller Program
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White Label Seo Reseller Program White Label Seo Reseller Program

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