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This is a question many SEO firms get a lot. Small businesses and website owners struggle to bring in traffic to their pages despite having a well designed website with a lot of relevant things to say. Failing to market your website well online is as good as leaving the closed sign un-flipped on a shop door—no one will ever know you exist and customers simply won't come. This is why search engine optimization is such a necessity for websites. However, website SEO services, especially high quality, comprehensive programs from well established SEO companies do come with a price. Typically, you will have to spend anywhere between a few thousand dollars and over a hundred thousand dollars, depending on the type of service you might need. Small businesses and startups usually don't have this kind of budget to spare, which is why the need for buying SEO services is still a hot topic among website owners. Luckily, there are a lot of cost effective ways that can get you started on search engine optimization and help you decide whether or not you really need to outsource for it. Your first stop—Google.

SEO is all about making search engines recognize your worth in your chosen niche. This is why you first must see how your website and your pages look like in the eyes major search sites like Google. Many free tools as well as programs that can be used for a minimal fee are available online. Google Webmaster Tools is a great place to start. There you can submit your own pages for indexing as well as analyze your entire website and identify the most effective search terms or keywords that direct visitor traffic to your landing page. Creating a sitemap is also one way of making sure that Google's spiders are directed to all the significant pages and corners of your website whenever they drop by to crawl your site. Remember that these crawlers or spiders have a text-bias, meaning they can only read text and not image files, JavaScript and certain Flash files. Image-heavy sites and those that make use of JavaScript and Flash presentations on their pages are therefore NOT search-engine friendly. If your site simply can't do without Flash and JavaScript, adding more text content will help you get indexed by search engines better.

If you still can't see results after weeks or months of hard work, or if you see yourself almost giving up because of all the technicalities of SEO work right from the beginning, then it's time to consider hiring a company that provides website SEO services. You will save more time and money by turning to the experts. Just make sure you do careful research before putting your budget on an agency. Request the company for its references and actually call their clients if you have time. Seek recommendations from businesses similar to yours, especially those that have their fair share of stories to tell about their success in working with SEO companies.
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