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Experts in Web SEO Services Share 17 Secrets

Search engine optimization is a fundamental necessity for websites regardless of its content and purpose. Without proper optimization, you will never get the traffic that will fuel a business or that will fulfill your online goals. Whether you want to attract business or simply spread word about significant issues or an organizational cause, you will need web SEO services to help you meet such goals. Who better to learn the ins and outs of this critical web development process than the experts? We have collected valuable insights (in no particular order of significance) from four industry experts to help you improve search optimization for your own website:

Ned Poulter of Miinto has great tips about SEO tools:

1.    Use Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps you understand your audience by giving you access to user-specific data.

2.    Take advantage of Google Webmaster Tools. Just as Analytics helps you understand your visitors, these webmaster tools help you understand how Google interacts with your site. These tools will help you determine whether or not Google is able to crawl your pages and see how many pages the engine is able to index. Webmaster tools also help you determine whether or not internal links are recognized and whether or not external links point to your site. These tools can help you understand why search engines seem to struggle in reaching your content.

3.    Recognize the value of the XML sitemap. Sitemaps are one of the most simple tools that webmasters use to make sure Google and other search engines are able to crawl and index all your content by providing their spiders and crawlers with a list of all your pages' URLs.

4.    Resolve domain name issues. Make sure requested URLs redirect to the correct pages and when things get too technical, send an SOS to your web specialist for web SEO services

Freelance SEO consultant Steve Morgan has a lot to say about link building and networking

5.    Interlink between sites when running multiple startups or websites, ranging from footer links to blog rolls, and about pages.

6.    Link to/from social profiles. Backlinks from your company profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social sites are powerful referral tools.

7.    Build network offline. As important as it is to build your online network, Steve believes that offline networking still has its merits and advises website owners to attend local networking events and join startup communities within your own locality. This can lead to many PR opportunities like article contribution and guest blogging.

8.    Get listed in Google Places. Its free, easy, and quick to set-up and it can help you rank well.

9.    Choose your domain name wisely. Include your main keywords, your brand name, and your location to help rank in brand, keyword, and local searches.

Autotrader's search marketing manager, Dewi Nawasari, offers great insights to help you get started in SEO:

10.    Make your website easily navigable to make it easier for visitors to find your company and contact details, register for your newsletter or service, and complete a sale.

11.    Make content relevant and your page copies descriptive. Page descriptions are usually the first things that users see when searching for your business in search engines.

12.    Make sure your core content answers basic questions like what does your business offer, how much do your services cost, and how can consumers reach you?

13.    Get listed! Major search engines and directories like Yelp, Yahoo directory and Google Plus can help you become more visible to potential customers using these listings.

14.    Encourage testimonials and welcome reviews. These are excellent marketing tools because smart consumers often look for recommendations from previous customers.

15.    Leverage social media sites. These social platforms are not only excellent places to help market your business, but effective venues to attract business through referrals, much like on-site reviews and testimonials.

16.    Initiate promotions. Offering freebies, discounts, and even tips on how to do this and that on your website or your social network profiles are a great means of getting listed in SERPs for topic searches.

17.    Go mobile. In this digital age, mobile usage has grown exponentially, making mobile-ready sites a necessity especially for online businesses.
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