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Do you want to boost your earning capacity and establish a whole new income stream? Why don’t you become an SEO white label reseller? SEO is a fantastic value-add for your existing web development, graphic design, or internet marketing business. And did we mention that it’s so easy to start? That’s right—you can join the lucrative SEO reselling business in as fast a few minutes.

The best SEO white label reseller programs don’t require complicated paperwork on the reseller’s end. All you really have to do is provide some basic information—which should take less than 10 minutes—to set up your white label platform. Of course, you must choose a solid SEO firm to begin with. But once you have carefully sifted through the many choices out there and found a great fit, you’ll be on your way to profit in just a few clicks.

Make Money While Making Your Clients Happy

One of the most awesome advantages of reselling white label SEO services is that it lets you make more money from your existing clientele without working harder. They inherently need SEO services, anyway—why should they look elsewhere when YOU can provide it? Expanding your service offerings will likely solidify your client’s loyalty to your brand. They will appreciate the convenience of your one-stop shop setup.

And of course, you make money along the way. Reselling SEO can be extremely lucrative especially if you choose a white label program with high commission rates and instant payout. You can earn a few hundreds to thousands of dollars a month in additional profits without having to do any of the work yourself. Now that’s a great deal.

Choosing an SEO Partner Program

Perhaps the biggest challenge in becoming an SEO reseller is finding a white label SEO program to join. These programs might all seem similar at first glance, but they are not. An SEO reseller program that’s perfect for someone else might not be the best fit for your business.

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a white label SEO service, but to make things easier, we’ve narrowed everything down to a two key points. Carefully assessing these factors will allow you to determine if a prospective program is a good match (or not).

Contracts and Fine Print

Contracts are standard in any business arrangement, but you don’t want to be trapped in a convoluted scheme that you don’t understand. In general, you should stay away from anything that forces you to stay for longer than you feel comfortable. The best SEO white label programs allow you to quit any time. There are no long-term contracts, so you can get out if you’re unhappy.

Payout and Fee Structure

Like most resellers, you probably look at the commission right away when you check out any SEO reseller program. The commission rate is certainly important—but you have to read beyond the numbers. Be sure to ask:

•    How often do you get paid?
•    Is the amount credited instantly to your account? If not, how long do you have to wait?
Are you free to mark up their services by however much you want?
•    How will you get paid—via PayPal? Check? Wire?
•    Do you get a bonus if you’re a high-volume partner?

A reputable SEO reseller program will spell all these details out for interested partners. Transparency is a good sign. You want to work with a white label service provider that is open about their payout and free structures.

Try Our White Label SEO Reseller Program

Here at Blackwood Productions, we let you test-drive our SEO white label program for free for 30 days. If you like it, let’s work together—and if you don’t, quit any time. In fact, we never loop our resellers into long-term agreements. You can use our service for as long as you wish and stop whenever you want.

We’re biased when it comes to our services, of course, but we can’t help it. After all, we offer one of the highest commission rates in the industry, a super easy to use dashboard that gives you full control of your campaigns, and absolutely NO complicated fine print.

Call us today at 877.823.1543 or look around our website to know more.

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Seo White Label Reseller Seo White Label Reseller

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