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Trends in SEO Services Pricing

With thousands of websites all fighting for their slice of market share, aggressive marketing and solid optimization have become a requisite for any business desiring to make it big online. Search optimization and marketing is hard work; many business owners have tried and failed to do things on their own, neglecting the importance of having an expert team backing up their campaign because they fear that SEO services pricing may be too high for their budgets.

"Many businesses think of SEO services as an unnecessary expense, not realizing that the longer they put off professional SEO work, the farther down they rank," points out Robert Bibb, CEO of the leading SEO and online marketing agency Blackwood Productions.

"It's only after their ratings have gotten way down that they hit the panic button and call for expert help. By that time, SEO work becomes more challenging, more tedious, and certainly more expensive," he adds.  

Hiring an SEO firm may cost you a lot, but it doesn't have to eat away your entire budget. In fact, many companies offer very reasonable SEO services pricing while tailoring services and strategies that your website needs. Blackwood Productions for example provides you with budget-friendly packages that target the exact marketing and optimization needs of your website.

The following are common pricing trends that you can look into to better understand SEO pricing. These data were derived from a recent survey conducted by SEOmoz, participated by over 600 respondents (SEO firms/consultants) across the globe:

•    Hourly costs for SEO services vary across countries. More than 50% of the survey respondents (from countries with more than 10 participants) say that they charge $76-$200/hr for their services. This is a fair estimate albeit a wide range, for those who want to know what the typical cost of hourly SEO service is.

•    ‘By-the-project’ pricing is also the most common system. A majority of the respondents charge between $1,000 and $7,500 for their services. This is a gain a wide range, but still acceptable considering the diversity of projects (in terms of type and size) that SEO firms accept.

•    Hands-on SEO is not dead. Despite what you will often see in message boards and forums, the survey revealed that 88.5% of the participants still offer and do hands-on SEO work, including 79.1% who still offer hands-on link building.

•    Web design and development go hand-in-hand. In fact, the third most common type of participant in the survey were web design and development agencies that offer SEO services, proving that that web design, development, and optimization cannot be separated.

•    Pure SEO agencies are dwindling in number. Most agencies nowadays offer a broad range of services apart from SEO. This includes social marketing, conversion, content, analytics, etc. Survey data revealed that 26.7% of respondents offer more diverse services, 1.7% more than the 25% who only offer pure SEO.

•    A majority of respondents serve small to medium-sized businesses. About 41% of participants offer consultancy and SEO services to hyperlocal and small businesses. This significantly affects SEO services pricing trends.
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Seo Services Pricing Seo Services Pricing

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