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SEO can be a slow tedious part of your online business. Let us make it easy. With our technology we can show you real results in as little as 1 week!

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Get connected quick and easy with a plugin type installation. This plugin delivers W3C compliant and mobile friendly pages directly to your website.

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No Contracts

No long term contracts! We are so certain you will love our technology that you are free to cancel any time. Unlike most SEO's we don't tie you to a long term contract.

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30 Day Free Trial

Each month we take a limited number of new signups on a 30 day free trial. A minimum 20 keyword commitment is required. Call for details.

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Our SEO Plugin Trusted By 44,819 web sites world wide.
Managing 3,940,596 relevant links daily and growing.



Safe Linking

We categorize all websites into their most relevant niche, Increased Relevant linking is achieved by receiving one way links from these very partnerships.
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Content Marketing

We create optimized content for your website to boost the effectiveness of your inbound relevant linking partners.
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Mobile Ready

Being mobile friendly is a must with more and more of your visitors using mobile devices.
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SEO Plugin
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SEO Architecture

We create keyword content strctutre on your website formatted into silos to achieve the best possible results.
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Analytics & Reporting

Your account management dashboard presents live data about your online business, using Google analytics and keyword ranking reports.
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W3C & HTML 5

Everything Blackwood Productions creates for its clients is W3C Valid HTML 5 coding. The best of the best.
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Manage Multiple Domains From Your SEO Dashboard

Login from any device to manage your campaign with ease!

Seo Services Company

Choosing an SEO Services Company: Ignore the ‘Top’ Lists

You finally gave up DIY-ing website optimization and gave in to the idea of hiring an SEO services company to pull you up from the bottom of search listings. But guess what? Hundreds (if not thousands) of competitors are vying for your business, and they probably hired an SEO company, too. If you want to beat them, you need to hire a reliable search optimization firm that can truly deliver. There are so many so-called ‘legit’ firms out there, but not all of them can truly improve your rank. This is why you should be careful researching and weighing your options.

Whatever you do, do not believe ‘top SEO’ lists and surveys. Notice how they never seem to agree on what companies really deserve to be in the top 10? As it turns out, they may not be as reliable and as ‘official’ as they may seem. These ‘top 10’ lists are good sources of names and candidates for your search, but you should take their suggestions with a grain of salt.

Try looking at and comparing different top SEO services company lists on your own and you will rarely find the same companies on the top spots, much less any one repeated instance of a company's name. Here’s the truth: Many top listings are limited not only in the scope of the list-maker's community, but in terms of criteria and qualifiers. They also often require paid inclusion, which makes them less than reliable resources.

Some lists are merely sponsored lists that other websites such as finance news websites, marketing firms, and similar sites collate with no real basis. These kinds of lists are often no more than avenues for self promotion. In fact, most of the time, are nothing but ‘you-link-to-me, I-link-to-you’ relationships.

Don't put too much value on the glitzy ‘Top 10 SEOs’ badge sponsored by that you see in SEO websites. Instead, look for more qualitative signals that can help you make an informed decision whether or not to trust your prospective SEO services company. Here are some to get you started:

1.    Good case studies (and testimonials) from previous clients along with contacts from like websites who are in the same niche or industry. These things will help ensure that the company can take on your work.

2.    Sparkling reputation (based on previous and current clients). You may also check on the status of their repute in the online community. These will give you an idea of the quality and reliability of the work they do.

3.    Realistic offers. Be wary of outrageous guarantees and too-good-to-be true offerings. If a company promises you overnight success, do not hire it.

4.    Site rankings and standings. Their own rankings, backlink count, community engagement, and domain authority are all indicative of their worth as an SEO company.

5.    Up-to-date methodologies. Do they address the new trends post-Panda? Can they also do social media optimization?

6.    Industry visibility and authority. Google the name of their founders and see if they are respected in the SEO community. Seo Services Company
Blackwood Productions Inc.
P.O. Box 113 Prosperity, WV 25909

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Seo Services Company Seo Services Company

Our Team

Our combined 45 years of experience and knowledge has lead to this product offering, and we think you will LOVE IT.

Eric Nester

Carlos Jorge

Vice President

Steve Presley

Steve Presley

Chief Technical Officer

Robert Bibb

Robert Bibb

Chief Executive Officer

Neal Stein

Neal Stein

Chief Operations Officer

Eric Nester

Eric Nester




World Wide Connectivity & Some Really Cool Features

We service a wide variety of websites from across the globe in multiple languages.

Multi-platform Compatibility

We know and understand that no two web sites are exactly alike. Our SEO Plugin is designed to work in conjunction with .ASP, .PHP, .NET, and Cold Fusion websites.

Other plugin options include Word Press, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, many others. Installation is simple and one of our staff can always help with installation if needed.
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Multi-lingual Support

The World Wide Web was created to make this big World smaller. This has brought all Nationalities together in one place. Our platform knows no language barriers.

We have the ability to stream and create our feed pages using any language and special characters. Even our dashboard can be translated into your native language.
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Search Engine Optimization Platform

Human Link Management

All links are Human Monitored and Machine Managed to ensure the highest relevancy for rankings.
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Live Link Data Reporting

Getting a clear picture of your backlink profile has never been easier with our Live Link Data.
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Branded Plugin Pages

Our feed pages are designed to use your site design and css to blend beautifully with your site.
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Malware Detection / Alerts

Our service can detect and quarantine sites infected by malware to notify the user and protect the network.
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Even More Awesome Benefits!

We strive to provide the most up to date SEO Platform available.

Make Money With Us!

We offer 3 unique options for you to make money reselling our services. Each option has amazing benefits and earning potential. Unlike most other commission based opportunities, we don’t hold your earnings back. You get paid instantly at the time of the sale!
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SEO Insurance

We strive to deliver the best quality possible. We hand review all new signups for relevancy and quality before allowing them in our system. We make sure that every site has a dedicated IP address and original content to avoid spam.
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Social Media Link Building

Our service includes social media link building as an added bonus! Simply enter your social profile URL’s in your account and they will be included as part of your listings throughout our network. Many clients have 1st page social media results!
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No Footprint

We strive to leave no footprints behind as we are not your average link exchange. Instead we use a very natural news feed structure using handwritten unique content. Our script is server side and translates the feed into html like all other pages of your website.
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Google Map Exposure

Get more clicks with your website listed in the local map section on google search results! As your rankings move onto the 1st page of google you can get the added benefit of being merged into their local map listings.
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API Available

Have a system of your own? With our API you can pull in our data directly to your own dashboard and offer our service as your own. For details on the API please contact us at 877.823.1543 to talk with our specialists.
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