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Steering Clear of Unethical SEO Service

SEO service has become very in demand as more and more business owners began migrating operations and marketing efforts online and realizing the power of the internet to bring in good business. This is also why many unscrupulous SEO companies have mushroomed in every nook and corner of the web, trying to take SEO money from unsuspecting website and business owners who are inexperienced in the industry.

Blackwood Productions CEO Robert Bibb warns business owners about unethical activities that some SEO providers engage into. "You have to be on guard against companies that try to sell you services that will instantly improve your rankings. SEO is a process and there are no shortcuts. Companies that promise you overnight success are most probably out to rip you off."

Take Bibb's advice and check out these tips on how to spot and steer clear of unethical SEO companies:

1.    Any company that calls to tell you they are endorsed or are affiliated with Google should raise a red flag with the word BOGUS on it. It is possible that a representative from the search giant may call your business to verify your AdWords or Google Places account, but certainly not to offer or sell you SEO services out of the blue. There are companies that may also have Google-accredited training on their belt, but know that Google doesn't offer any backhander deals to any SEO company that will rank sites they handle above others in SERPs.

2.    Be wary of companies offering guaranteed first place listings in searches. Getting number 1 spot in paid search campaigns is hard (you will need to bid more than your competitors and be backed by a highly relevant site—even this won't guarantee you first place in paid listings), and it is even harder to shoot for first place in organic search listings. This is because search engines now look into a great number of factors to determine site relevance and in turn, ranking for searches. These factors include local search signals, social signals, and other SEM elements.

3.    Companies that push PPC or AdWords campaign down your throat while trying to convince you that spending more on paid listings can get you better organic traffic are not to be trusted. Try to search 'hotels' on Google. Chances are or will appear first on the sponsored listings. Scroll down to the organic results and it's a whole new ball game. So don't believe anyone who would tell you that you can rank first on organic search by spending half your SEO money on paid ads.

4.    Keyword density and meta tags/keywords are a thing of the past. Search engine algorithms have become highly sophisticated over the past years on account of shady SEO activities that take advantage of keyword stuffing and other spammy activities that will not only send your website to the bottom of page rankings but also get you penalized and blacklisted. If your SEO specialist still raves about keyword density and meta tags, it's time to look for SEO services and companies from this decade.


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