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What It Takes to Start SEO RESELLING

If you are in the website development or online marketing industry, they you know the importance of search engine optimization to business success. More than 90% of web experiences start with a search engine query, after all, and organic results are clicked 70% to 80% more than paid ones.

Here’s another fact: SEO is a lucrative industry. Search engine optimization specialists are becoming some of the most highly paid people in the online marketing niche, earning an average of $60,000 a year when employed by large companies—and their salaries are increasing by 17.5% per year. Successful owners of SEO companies earn more than 10x that because of the high demand for professional organic optimization. Large businesses have been known to pay upwards of $10,000 monthly for their SEO campaigns, and even the smallest mom-and-pop operations pay $500 a month, on average. There is clearly a lot of opportunity in this industry.

So like any other entrepreneur, you probably want to start offering SEO to your clients. But how? Let’s face it—establishing an SEO company can takes significant amount of time and requires years of experience and expertise. Perhaps you should consider starting an SEO reseller company instead. The best way for small agencies like yours to get into the search engine optimization market is to resell proven SEO plans provided by a larger company.

Here are the things you need to establish and maintain a successful SEO reseller company:

1. Great Selling Skills

Unsurprisingly, the primary skill you need to become a successful SEO reseller is topnotch salesmanship. You need to be an expert in selling SEO ideas. Your partner firm will take care of all the detailed work it actually takes to make your clients’ websites rank, but you need to be able to communicate what SEO is and why your clients should spend on it. Your effectiveness in articulating that knowledge and ability to build rapport with prospective clients is the most crucial part of running a successful SEO reseller company.

2. Customer Service

If you choose to use a white label SEO service, then your clients will have no idea that you are simply outsourcing the technical details. Any good or bad customer experience will reflect back on your SEO reseller company. To protect your brand, you have to be proactive in giving prompt and friendly customer service.

3. Product Knowledge

While you don’t need to know how to do the actual SEO work, you do need to know the general philosophy and strategies behind the SEO products you are selling in order to be persuasive. Good product knowledge will also allow you to guide your clients to the best plans for their goals and situation. What type of content would they benefit from? How much should they invest in organic SEO versus pay per click advertising, social media engagement, and other complementary processes?

It’s a good idea to join an SEO reseller program that offers regular training. You can’t go wrong with Blackwood Productions. Once you become a reseller, we will train you one on one to ensure that you understand how our product works and give you advice on how to best present it to your potential customers.

4. Platform Training

The best SEO companies provide their resellers access to private label / white label web-based SEO platform. You have to know how to use it so you can eventually guide your clients on how to use it, too. At Blackwood Productions, we can show you the ins and outs of our SEO platform and teach you everything, from the basics to the advanced features. We also provide a direct line for all our resellers, plus instant access to our customer support team via Skype.

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