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Why Sign Up for an SEO Resellers Program?

The SEO industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. In fact, this niche is now valued at $65 billion, and it shows no signs of slowing down. So ask yourself: Why aren’t you offering SEO to your clients yet? If you wait too long, you might miss out completely.

All you need to do to start is sign up for an SEO resellers program and start to earn more revenue without paying the costs of in-house production. By partnering up with a reliable SEO firm, you can:

•    Deliver top quality optimization services and timely, quantifiable results to your clients
•    Expand your product offering and fill service gaps that may cause your existing clients to leave you and work with another company
•    Generate new sources of revenue by (1) reselling SEO services or by (2) referring clients directly to your SEO partner
•    Grow your company without growing your overhead costs

What SEO Services Can You Resell?

You can choose to sell complete SEO packages or individual services, depending on the SEO resellers program you sign up for. Below are just some examples of the many reselling opportunities available:

Competitor analysis – Help your clients understand their online position against their competitors. This information can be a useful guide in developing strategies and tactics to make them #1.

SEO audit and recommendations – Your SEO partner can look into all technical issues, do a thorough content review, and assess your client’s on-page optimization on your behalf.

Link building – From conducting a backlink analysis to giving your clients high quality links that provide value, your SEO partner can do everything. You will also be given access to the dashboard so you can remove links that don’t pass your standards.  

Keyword research – Your clients need to target the right target keywords and phrases in order to reel in top-quality, highly motivated leads from organic search. Trust your SEO partner to deliver comprehensive keyword analysis and identify new opportunities. This lays the groundwork for effective content development and optimization.

Content development – By leveraging keyword research and competitor analysis, your SEO partner can outline a strategy for improving and/or adding content to your client’s website. They can deliver keyword-rich content to obtain optimum rankings for targeted keyword phrases as well as create deeper engagement. This may include blog content, search-optimized content, product descriptions (for ecommerce websites), website content, as well as visual content (like infographics).

Reporting and analytics – A good SEO partner can give you and your client access to a white-labelled web analytics portal. Here you can track progress and make changes as necessary. Each if your clients will be provided a private reporting environment that is available 24/7. From keyword rankings to backlink portfolio tracking to website performance, the dashboard shows all important data.

Choosing an SEO Partner

The best SEO partners can create custom packages based on the needs of your client. They can also provide you with training so you and your team can understand their system and effectively close sales. They will be with you through each step, ready to answer questions and provide support.

Why don’t you join the SEO resellers program of Blackwood Productions today? We won’t loop you into long-term contracts. In fact, we can grant you a free 30-day trial so you can check out our SEO technology and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Blackwood Productions is now one of the biggest SEO firms in the country, managing over 40,000 campaigns and counting. We serve SEO companies, web design agencies, advertising companies, and hosting companies who choose to offer our reliable and effective SEO services to their clients
Why don’t you take this opportunity to profit from our incredible optimization technology? You can trust that we’ll deliver the quality and reliability your clients expect. Join our SEO resellers program so you can see for yourself. We also pay for direct referrals!
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Seo Resellers Program Seo Resellers Program

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