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Have you decided to become an SEO reseller? Congratulations—you are about to enter into an extremely lucrative and underserved market.

There is serious money to be made in SEO especially on the local level. Just look around your neighborhood and you will probably spot more than a handful of small businesses that want to sell online but don’t have six-figure budgets to invest into optimization and digital marketing. Becoming an SEO reseller who specialness in serving local clients is a fantastic way to build a scalable business while helping your community.

But before you even start looking for clients, you first have to find an SEO partner that offers white label SEO reseller services. There are so many choices out there—and they are all starting to sound the same. How do you compare SEO reseller websites and ultimately find the right fit? It’s all about fulfilment.

The success of an SEO reseller business depends on consistency and measurable results.
In your initial comparison of SEO reseller websites, look for:

1. A company you can trust

The best SEO reseller websites are run by companies that have been successfully navigating the rough waters of organic optimization for many years—ideally more than a decade. If they are still around after Google has annihilated the weakest SEOs, then they must be doing something right. Longevity is almost unheard of in the SEO industry. So if you find a company that has a long history of success—like Blackwood Productions, which has been around since 2004—then go ahead and apply to become their reseller.

2. A partner that provides full customer support

Here’s the reality: As an SEO reseller, you get all the credit without all the hard work—and that’s all great as long as rankings are high. But if anything goes wrong, your clients will blame YOU. This is why you want to work with an SEO partner that will not leave you holding the bag should there be a problem. How will they handle errors? Will they provide you with assistance in explaining the situation to your client? How quickly can they rectify issues? The best SEO reseller websites allow you to talk to a customer care representative right away.

3. An SEO company that can commit to a decent timeline

SEO is a fussy science and even experts cannot promise a #1 ranking in just 24 hours. But while organic optimization takes time, there should already be visible ranking improvements within a few weeks. The best SEO reseller websites will explain exactly what strategies they use to boost rankings and how long it takes for movements to become apparent. They also provide live reports so you can see the average time it takes for certain campaigns to reach optimum positioning.   

4. A partner that delivers real results

When it comes down to it, your SEO clients are paying you to put their website ahead of their competition. They don’t want to feel as though they are feeding a bottomless pit with no return on their investment. They want to see measurable results.

This is why the best SEO reseller websites such as Blackwood Productions provides comprehensive analytics on their dashboard. Any time you or your clients log in, you will be presented with the latest data on current rankings, incoming and outbound links, and many other custom ranking reports. The analytics information can also provide historical views of keyword placements to demonstrate how much they have increased since the start of the campaign. Estimated traffic on those target keywords are likewise shown alongside the estimated value of that traffic.

Blackwood Productions is often described as one of the top reseller websites today—and it’s easy to see why. We provide the expertise, customer support, and tools you need to sell our world-class SEO services and keep your clients happy. Combine these with our high commission payouts and no-fuss monthly contracts and you’ll realize why we are a leading reseller website with over 40,000 campaigns. Interested in working together? Call us at 877.823.1543.
Seo Reseller Website
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Seo Reseller Website Seo Reseller Website

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