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SEO Reseller Services – Finding the Right Fit
Offering search engine optimization as one of your services can be a profitable endeavor. You can certainly do SEO alongside your web development, web design, social media marketing services, or you can make it the sole offering of your company. But creating an SEO team from scratch can be costly and complicated. You will probably make a lot of costly mistakes, too. Luckily, you have another option. Why don’t you use SEO reseller services? Outsource all your SEO projects to an expert company and brand them as your own.

Becoming an SEO reseller allows you to offer comprehensive search engine optimization services without needing to use your own time, money, or staff. By signing up for a white label arrangement, you can sell SEO services to your clients under your brand even though you are really outsourcing all the work to another company.

Of course, since you are putting your name on it, the results have to be stellar. You want to satisfy your customers and prompt them to keep renewing your service. The only way to do this is to choose the right SEO partner.

Go Beyond Review Sites

There are many different opinions on which SEO reseller program is best. Sometimes, even the so called best-ranked SEO white label SEO providers might not be a good fit for your working style. Review sites will help you get a general sense of how good a reselling program is, but it won’t give you the complete picture. The criteria they are basing their reviews on may not even be important to you.

Do Your Own Research

It’s important to formulate your own criteria. Ask yourself—what are your non-negotiables when it comes to reseller services?

•    What commission rate is good enough for you?
•    Do you want full access to a dashboard?
•    Do you need a company that offers comprehensive services—including content creation and link building? International, national, and local SEO?
•    Do you want to work only with a US based SEO company, or are you open to working with those that are based overseas?
•    Are you comfortable with a long-term contract or do you want the freedom to quit any time?

Once you have your own criteria, you can then narrow down your search to SEO reseller programs that tick most (if not all) boxes. Create a shortlist of prospective SEO partners and start looking at them in depth.

Take time to read their website so you can truly understand how their SEO reseller service works. Pick up the phone and call them if you have questions. Take note of the knowledge and attitude of the person who speaks with you. This is a good chance to gauge if you feel comfortable working with them.

Search for testimonials written by their past and current clients. Pay particular attention to how good (or bad) their customer support system is. There is no such thing as a perfect company so you are bound to read some negative reviews, but these complaints should never outweigh the accolades.

Look at Results

To be a successful reseller of SEO services, you need to partner up with a company that delivers excellent results. Check the current rankings of their clients. How often are they able to put a website in the top ten results for a keyword? Are their links from highly authoritative websites?

Some of the best providers of SEO reseller services show you real-time results of their campaigns on their website. This level of transparency is a good sign; it indicates that the company is proud of its performance and stands by its methodologies.

Free Trial

Try out the SEO reseller services of Blackwood Productions at no risk, for 30 days. This should give you enough time to assess if our white label program is a good fit. You can quit anytime—no long-term contracts, no hassle. Call us at 877.823.1543 to know more.
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Seo Reseller Services Seo Reseller Services

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