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SEO Reseller Service: The Benefits of Offering SEO for Your Digital Business

Does your digital agency specialize in just one service? Do you only so web design, or just social media marketing and nothing else? You might be falling into a tunnel-vision, fixating on your services while forgetting what your clients fundamentally need from you: a comprehensive solution that establishes and maintains their online presence. And your clients may be realizing that this need can’t be fulfilled by your one-trick agency. Perhaps it’s time to offer SEO, too. But what if you don’t have the manpower and the skills to provide search engine optimization? Don’t worry—signing up for an SEO reseller service can get you started.

Give Your Clients Real Solutions

A study conducted by Adobe reveals that 70% of client-side marketers are looking for one-stop-shop agencies that can all the digital services they need—from PPC to SEO to social media. Rather than individual services, today’s clients require holistic and comprehensive solutions that are tailored to their goals and challenges. You need to redefine your agency from a mere ‘service provider’ to a ‘solution provider.’

Why don’t you start offering SEO? Your clients need it, anyway—and they will go somewhere else if you don’t provide it. Transitioning from a one-service specialist to a digital solutions provider is easier than ever because of SEO reseller services. You no longer need to hire and maintain your own SEO team because you can simply resell the services and packages of a reliable SEO company. When you sign up for a white-label SEO reseller service, you can sell SEO solutions under your brand. Your clients never have to know that someone else is doing all the work.

Got More Clients

Offering SEO as an added service can future-proof your agency. It will make you more attractive to prospective clients who demand a full-service firm. It can also help you keep your current clients. Rather than having to find and coordinate with several firms for their carious online marketing needs—and risk losing the consistency of their brand and message in the process—they can save time and effort by hiring you instead.

More Revenue Sources

Becoming an SEO reseller puts you in a prime position to expand your revenue streams. If you are a web designer specializing in creating websites for local business, for example, why don’t you tell your client about how SEO and PPC campaign with a local search focus can drive traffic to their store? You can even bundle your core service together with SEO to create a package that addresses the needs of your target market segments.

When you have more income streams, you keep your company stable. If you focused only on web design, you will need to spend more effort and resources looking for new clients every time you finish up a project. If you lose a couple of clients all at once, you might even find it hard to stay afloat. Being an SEO reseller allows you stabilize your business. It gives you a more predictable income stream because SEO is paid for monthly on an ongoing basis.

Build Your Brand

Here’s a fact: If your agency continues to focus on just one core service, you are not a real agency—you are just a vendor. You run the risk of having clients commodify your services instead of seeing you as a strategic partner. Sell them a more comprehensive solution if you want them to value your brand.

Start with an SEO Reseller Service Today

Offering SEO alongside your core services will make it easier for you to gain new clients and keep your current ones. It’s time to diversify the services you offer to include SEO if you want present and prospective clients to regard you as a crucial partner for many years to come.

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Seo Reseller Service Seo Reseller Service

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