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There are so many SEO reseller programs these days—and the choices can be overwhelming. How do you select a program that can truly help you build a solid and viable SEO business? Here are some tips.

1.    Choose an SEO veteran. Search engine optimization has drastically changed over the years. Google’s tempestuous algorithms has wiped out thousands of websites—and with them, the weaker SEO companies. Choose a veteran provider of SEO reseller programs that has weathered the storms and continues to thrive. You can be sure that they know what they are doing.  

2.    The best SEO companies don’t stop working just because top positioning has been achieved. Real SEO is ongoing; it means implementing organic defense tactics that help our clients retain their positions so that they can continue reaping the benefits of an optimized website for the long haul.

3.    The SEO reseller program should give you tools that allow you to see measurable performance indicators. Regular reporting and analytics should be standard. Everything should be transparent so that you can always check how our clients are doing. You want to partner up with a company that stays accountable for their performance.

4.    Choose an SEO reseller platform that is semi-automated and human-monitored. Consider Blackwood Productions. Our intelligent SEO platform automates repetitive and tedious SEO tasks but our in-house experts are constantly monitoring everything to make adjustments as necessary.

We are always on top of our link algorithms and placement scripts and ideologies. You can rest assured that every client you bring in gets personalized attention. We custom-adjust the specifics of every campaign to generate the best possible results. If a campaign does not perform satisfactorily, we immediately review it, determine what the problem is, and fix the issue right away.
5.    Don’t allow yourself to be trapped by long-term contracts. If you don’t line the SEO reseller program and want to quit, you should have no problems doing so—right away. Choose a pay-as-you-go monthly arrangement that doesn’t bind you in complicated agreements.

6.    The SEO reseller program must have a solid link strategy. Link building has become trickier than ever. One wrong move can wipe out your clients’ rankings in a matter of hours. This is why you want to partner up with an SEO company that has a proven, 100% legitimate link technology

Blackwood Productions’ link system is far more advanced and intelligent than your average link exchange network. We use advanced algorithms to ensure that Google does not interpret the link transactions as spam. Everything looks natural and follows Google’s strict link building guidelines.

7.    Ask for a free trial. We at Blackwood Productions are so confident that you will love our SEO reseller platform, so we are ready to grant you a 30-day free trial. You read that right—it’s FREE to test the waters and assess if we’re a good fit. Take full advantage of that period to familiarize yourself with our technology and understand how it can help your clients. Feel free to contact our staff anytime should you have questions.

When it comes to turnkey SEO reseller programs, it’s hard to beat Blackwood Productions. Our SEO platform makes life so much easier for resellers like you. Simply focus on the sales and add new clients—we do all the actual optimization work. We have a team of top-notch programmers, professional writers, and SEO veterans who have been delivering the best results—as quickly as possible—since 2004.

Work with us today and benefit from an SEO product that is proven effective and affordable.
We train you so that you can maximize our platform and truly provide the highest levels of service to your customers. And did we mention that we have some of the highest commission percentages in the SEO reselling industry? Earn anywhere from 25% to 50% for each client you bring in. Fill out this form today and let’s do business!
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Seo Reseller Programs Seo Reseller Programs

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