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What to Look for in SEO Reseller Packages

Now that you have decided to become an SEO reseller, it’s time to choose from among the many packages available. You must have a lot of questions. What features should you look for? What is the acceptable commission rate? What does it mean to be an SEO broker (instead of just a reseller)? Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right SEO reseller package that fits your goals:

1. Look for a turnkey solution.

Reselling SEO can be much easier when you choose a complete turnkey solution where the provider does everything—from coding to content writing to SEO analysis and execution. All you have to do is sell the service and add your clients via their easy-to-use dashboard.
A good SEO partner will also train you on how to use their reseller tools and give you advice on the best sales strategies on selling their service.

2. Look for high commissions and instant payout.

If your goal is to make serious money from reselling SEO packages—enough money to leave your full-time job eventually—then you want to partner up with a company that is known for high payout percentages. Some of the best SEO reseller packages pay anywhere from 25% to 50%. This rate lets you grow your revenues dramatically with every client you add.

Another important thing to look at is how quickly you get your commission. You don’t want to wait 30 days or more. This is why you should look for SEO reseller packages that pay instantly at the time of the sale. Your money should be credited to your PayPal account right away. Don’t forget to ask about discounts, especially if you intend to be a power seller.

3. Go for a robust white label dashboard.

You should be able to brand the SEO provider’s dashboard with your own logo so that when your clients log in, they think they are working with your company. The best dashboards are easy to use despite having advanced features. It should let you and/or your clients do the following:  

•    manage and modify targeted keywords as well as any content associated with them.
•    disable links you don’t want to be associated with
•    access analytics and reporting date to monitor the progress of your campaign and rankings

The dashboard needs to be easily brandable so that you can start selling the service under your own brand the day you sign up.

4. Ask for a free trial.

The best SEO reseller programs are so confident in the quality of their service that they let you offer free 30-day trials to your potential clients. No credit card required—absolutely zero commitment. Simply add an interested prospect in the system and 30 days later—when they are impressed with the results—they pay (and you get your commission). This 30-day free trial is an excellent way to reel in more new customers.

5. Stay away from long term contracts.

Let’s face it—the SEO industry is filled with shady providers who insist on long term contracts, expensive monthly fees, and (extremely) slow results. You and your clients will find it very difficult to get out their iron-clad agreements even if the service is sloppy or the results are disappointing.

This is why it’s best to choose SEO reseller packages with no longstanding contracts. The best packages are renewed on a month-to-month basis. If your client wants to quit, they can—and they don’t have to pay any termination fees. And if you want to quit as a reseller, you should be able to do that without any problems, either.

Lastly, you want to an SEO reseller package that is used by hundreds of successful resellers. That’s a good sign that the product works. For instance, the SEO reselling platform developed by Blackwood Productions is now used by over 150 resellers not just in the US, but across the globe. The company manages over 40,000+ campaigns and is growing every day. Know more about its SEO reseller packages here.

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Seo Reseller Packages Seo Reseller Packages

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