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How to Succeed in the SEO Reseller Business

If you are a good salesman, your chances of succeeding in the SEO reseller business are extremely high. SEO is really no different from selling other products; in order to get clients to sign up, you have to wrap your head around their needs and offer them a solution. What are their pain points when it comes to online marketing? Identify those and speak toward that. And if your prospect doesn’t have a clue what SEO is, you need to cut through the techno jargon, make your SEO product relatable, and close that deal. Here are some tips on doing exactly this.

Tip #1: Listen Very Well (Before You Speak)

Clients are more likely to respond to your sales pitch if they feel like you are truly interested in helping them solve their problems (instead of just giving them a generic SEO package that you also gave everyone else). In order to do this, you must listen more than you speak. Get your prospect to share with you the information that will help you understand their needs. Ask them:

•    What is their core business? In other words, how do they make money?
•    Are they currently selling or marketing online? If yes, who is strategizing and running the program?
•    How do they measure the success of their marketing efforts? Do they track costs per lead or costs per sale?
•    If they have a website, when did they last redesign it?
•    What are their current conversion rates? Are they happy with it?
•    Have they ever worked with an SEO firm before? If yes, what did they do? What caused them to quit that firm?

Tip #2: Develop a Thorough Understanding of How Their Business Works

When we first met one of our clients, we found out that they spent millions per year on marketing—but not one dollar on SEO, even though they identify organic search as one of their most important lead generating sources. They were interested in a search engine optimization program because a significant and somewhat sudden downtrend in their organic traffic. Upon talking to them even further, we found out that they lost traffic partly due to a recent redesign. The new website was not responsive and no thought was put into optimizing its elements.

We looked at their analytics closely and started explaining that we have the tools to get their traffic back. We asked them what value they put on new leads—and they said $90. With this information, we were able to project what the output of a solid SEO strategy can be, and presented the math. The conversation went something like this:

“We believe that we can get back about 5,000 visitors per month once the SEO recovery plan is implemented. We also see some potential for ranking in highly searched, relevant terms that you are currently not targeting—and that this could bring in another 2,000 visitors. We are confident that we can achieve 7,000 quality visits in total, per month. And because the conversion rate for qualified leads is 3%, you can expect the following:

7,000 x 3% conversion rate = 210 leads
210 x $90 CPA goal = $18,900 per month in value.”

Tip #3: Use Words They Understand

As you can see from the conversation, we spoke in terms the client understood: money in, money out. The best way to explain the benefits of SEO to a prospect is to speak in terms of ROI. Most clients (those without tech backgrounds) do not understand 404s or robots.txt or any of that techno babble. What they want to see is how SEO will impact their bottom line. You can also show them search volume and their current ranking so they know where they stand.

Tip #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

SEO is not for everyone. Don’t force a prospect who isn’t ready. And if in your research you find that SEO won’t help them, walk away. Be professional enough to say that SEO is not the best area to spend their money and resources. But for most other businesses, SEO is certainly a gold mine of opportunity. Go find those businesses and sell SEO to them.

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Seo Reseller Business Seo Reseller Business

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