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SEO Optimization Services – Best Practices for 2013

The SEO universe is constantly changing. This is why SEO professionals, website owners, and webmasters should always be on the lookout for current trends that can help them and their websites stay on top of SERPs. We have listed the latest trends in on-page optimization so you won't be blinded by technicalities, encoding, intimidating search engine algorithms while trying to do your own SEO or looking for good SEO optimization services for your website. One of the most important things you should remember about on-page SEO is that search engines do not just look at how your site is coded, but also at how it looks like to users, responds to different browsers and screens, and how well on-page and off-page elements interact to give robot crawlers as well as users a good experience.

1.    Web design. On-page SEO shouldn't just be concerned with proper coding, keyword inclusion, and content quality. Aesthetics, navigability, and user-friendliness all play a part in the readability and consumability of the information contained in your pages.

2.    Meta tags. Many SEO professionals no longer put value in meta tags ever since search engines eliminated meta keyword tags as a ranking factor. However, you shouldn't neglect their value as description tags that display what your pages are all about in SERPs. They can be used to encourage click-throughs from your human searchers.

3.    Broken links. Duplicate, canonical, and broken links are huge anti-SEOs. They raise big flashing red flags for Google bots and page errors resulting from these faulty links discourage (and annoy) users.

4.    Google bots. Strip your site to its bare essentials, disable images and JavaScript and examine the resulting page. This is how your website and your pages looks like in the eyes of a search engine robot (more or less). Make sure that your logo shows up as text, that there is no break in navigation, that the main content shows up correctly (right after navigation), that there are no hidden elements that appear with JS disabled, that the content is properly formatted, and that other on-page elements (banner images, ads, links, sign-up forms, etc.) come up after the main content.

5.    Load time. You can have the best content on your site, but if your pages take time to load, search engines won't hesitate to give high ranking positions to other sites that load faster. Ranking algorithms are now designed to include factors like user satisfaction, and search engines give high value to content that is easily accessible. Tone down your widgets, JS snippets, images, and other design elements that may slow down load times.

6.    Think mobile. Online users are fast migrating to mobile platforms and it's the direction that every website owner should consider taking. Having a mobile-responsive website is key to reaching out to wider audiences today. This is also why SEO optimization services nowadays no longer just focus on pure SEO but provide options for social media marketing and mobile optimization as well.
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