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Building Your Own SEO Team vs. Outsourcing to SEO Companies

High search rankings are valuable assets for businesses. First page rankings in search engines equate to many things, most important of which are high returns and conversions. As more and more companies realize the value and implication of proper search optimization in their business, the demand for SEO companies has also risen exponentially. However, there are two approaches to building your SEO strategy that you can use to ensure cost-effective and practical search engine optimization—building your own in-house team and outsourcing to professionals. Before you decide which approach will best benefit your company, take a look at this skill set that your expert SEO team must have for an effective campaign:

1.    Technical SEO: you need people in the team that knows all about the technicalities of the SEO process, from keyword research to data analysis, and other forms of data evaluation such as traffic measurement and assessment of results. Someone in the team must know how to examine data and draw conclusions from them, so you know where you stand in your SEO efforts.

2.    Link Building: one of the most important aspects of search optimization, linking plays a big role in pulling up your website rankings. Make sure the SEO companies you consider have solid backlinking strategies or have someone in your own team, whose task lies in pursuing link-building opportunities and soliciting back links.

3.    Content Creation: SEO requires constant generation of fresh content, whether it be articles, images, videos, infographics, or any other type of content that supports the main point of your website. This will help you keep your website current and maintain your authority in your niche. Content creation requires a creative mind that also knows a good deal about the technicalities of the SEO process, such as keyword inclusion.

4.    Web Development: web design and technical web development goes hand in hand. More than your back links, actual content, and meta data, a lot of other variables figure into search optimization and how search engines rank your website. Internal linking, navigation, content indexing, as well as site speed and user-friendliness all play a part in your website rankings. This is why you should also go for SEO companies that offer web development skills or train one of your own to be adept in this area. One of the best benefits of outsourcing this skill to experts or professionals is that they are knowledgeable about all the trends and current practices in the markets, which gives them the ability to modify your website in tune with the latest standards set by search engines.

5.    Project Management: With all these skills and processes, your SEO team also needs at least one person or an entire department that can manage everything that SEO entails. Your project managers should know how to delegate tasks to the right people, follow up with specific teams to make sure that objectives are being met, and most importantly, know how to develop measurable and reasonable SEO goals.
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