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Search Engine SEO: Proper Keyword Research and Content Generation

Keyword research and content generation are two of the most important things in search engine SEO. Not only do they point to the direction where your campaign and optimization efforts should lead, they also help you establish your place and authority in your specific niche. In addition to link-building and analytics, these SEO elements are among the most crucial things you mustn't overlook when planning or strategizing for online marketing, no matter what your end goals are.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is basically knowing which phrases or key terms people are using in searches in order to find the kind of services, products, or business you offer. With online traffic constantly evolving, you need to keep in mind that queries also evolve with them, which is why it is important to refresh your target keywords and add new terms as you create fresh content. You should also remember that different audiences also convert in different ways and that geography and target markets also affect keyword relevance. Keyword research shouldn't be a one-time process. It is an on-going pursuit of search terms that your target audiences are using. This said, what's popular today may not be as popular the next, which is why you shouldn't use keyword popularity as your sole criteria in selecting which keywords to optimize for. Here are some excellent search engine SEO keyword research tools you can use to help you conduct effective keyword research:

1.    Google Keyword Tool – for pay-per-click advertising and basic keyword research'
2. – for comparing popular search phrases and researching trends in search volume
3.    Clusty – for researching results by topic and discovering relationships between search results
4.    Keyword Discovery – for advanced keyword suggestion based on global databases
5. – for pulling meta data from ISPs
6.    Google Sets – for expanding keyword lists
7.    Quintura – for generating keyword clouds, navigating between clouds, and formulating ideas for content and articles.

Content Generation

Content generation, for the most part, drives your website, as it tells readers and search engines what you and your business is all about. Creating content that is informative, unique, and social (worth sharing) is also one of the keys to succeeding in search engine SEO. Here are some of the most effective forms of socialized content:

1.    Useful content. Informative content such as those that feature statistics or can be used as an in-depth source or a how-to guide are not only authoritative, but encourages readers to stay on your pages longer, which means more opportunities for conversion.

2.    Humorous content. Funny content are the easiest to go viral, which helps a lot in drawing more traffic in, as well as in popularizing your brand or your name.

3.    Lists. This type of content are easily digestible, unintimidating, and just like humorous content, are very share-worthy, especially when you generate lists that are interesting, witty, and insightful at the same time.

4.    Infographics. Most online audiences are visual in nature, which makes infographics the perfect tool to disseminate information and present ideas.
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