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Search Engine Ranking Optimization: Creating Rock-Solid Content

To rank high in online searches, you need to find ways to make your website valuable in the eyes of search robots as well as your human audience. This is why more than getting your content optimized for proper indexing by search bots, you also need to make it appealing to the readers who receive them. Generating content that is not only readable (by search bots) but is also worth sharing will make search engine ranking optimization much easier, as you are able to cater to the appetite of both your human readers and the search engines. Shareable content also ups your cool among your readers and target audiences, and it makes your brand more recognizable as more people share it within their own networks. Maximizing the benefits of search engines as well as social media sites (through sharing) is one of the best strategies to have in your bag of SEO tricks. Here are some insights on how you can improve your website's bottom line through search ranking optimization and quality content creation:

1.    Do proper keyword research. Determining keywords or phrases that you want to rank for is always the first step in search engine ranking optimization. Without a focused set of key terms to target, it will be hard to measure results and improve on your strategies later on. There are many different keyword research tools that you can use to make the task easier. Google even offers a free tool, (Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool) which helps webmasters determine which keywords are most competitive in specific niches and which keywords are most ideal to use for optimization.

2.    Know where to put them keywords in your website copy. Now that you have the proper keywords to optimize, you should know how to use them in your content—and we don't mean keyword stuffing (an age old SEO tactic where in you bombard a page with targeted keywords in an attempt to raise rankings for that particular term or set of terms). Intelligent placing of keywords such as in your article title and sparingly in the body of the article (about 3 to 5 times) is enough to let search engines know what exactly your content is talking about. In turn, your pages can be indexed properly and people will be more compelled to read your piece, especially if it is exactly what they are searching for.

3.    Make your content share-worthy. Creating share-worthy content is not as hard. Just be distinctive, insightful, compelling (humorous/catchy) and you will get the response you desire from your audience. Basically, just create content that your audience and you, yourself will want to share.

4.    Promote content. A big part of search engine ranking optimization is knowing how and where to promote your content. Develop an online network that is truly interested in what you have to offer instead of collecting followers that will eventually ignore your content. Quality is always better than quantity, especially when talking about online relationships with your target audience.
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