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Search Engine Optimization SEO Highlights: Keyword Research

In search engine optimization SEO, knowing which keywords to optimize your site for is crucial, especially when you want your brand to become synonymous with the very things that your target customers are searching for. As a website owner or marketer, you want to get first dibs on the targeted traffic that search engine queries offer. Knowing the exact keywords that your target customers are using when they search for services in your niche is important so you can use best practices as you optimize your website for the given keywords, and in turn improve your chances of getting the top rank or at least appearing on the first page of search engine results pages for your targeted queries.

There are many different ways for you to determine the very keywords that your target audiences are typing in the search bars of their favorite search engines. Here are the best means to do keyword research and help you optimize your site accordingly:

1.    Customer Research Intelligence. If you have done your market research prior to making any marketing effort online or offline, then you should have enough customer research knowledge to ride on. This should give you a good idea of what your target audiences and customers are after when searching for your business. You don't need expensive keyword generating tools to know that you should target "flower arrangement Glendale CA" if you own a flower shop in that area of Los Angeles, so learn how to make the most out of what you know about your business, your market share, and target audience.

2.    Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to take advantage of when doing keyword research for search engine optimisation SEO. The best thing about it is it's free. All you need to do is log in using your Google Webmaster Tools account to access the Traffic Sources you need. Here, you will find great information about your traffic and get a glimpse of the keywords that your visitors are using to reach you.

3.    Google's Related Searches. You may also use Google to conduct searches for the individual keywords you've already come up with. The bottom of the results page will show a separate section where a listing of keywords that are related or relevant to your original search phrase can be found. These related searches, especially those that offer relevance to your business definitely deserve their own place on your targeted keyword list.

4.    Other Keyword Research Tools. There are many other keyword research tools that you can use to improve your search engine optimisation SEO campaign. Many of these tools are accessible for free or for a minimal fee. These tools allow you to create more targeted content by generating appropriate keywords that are more likely to produce the traffic you need. They can show helpful statistics about search volume, average number of monthly searches, as well as the competitiveness of certain keywords and keyword phrases. Search Engine Optimization Seo
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