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Bullet Proofing Your Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Website owners who experienced sudden loss of search juice and website traffic pin it on Google's Panda update and recent algorithm and system changes. What they don't realize is that they have themselves (or at least their old SEO habits) to blame for such a loss. The thing about search engines is they only want what's best for the users. They can't afford to generate spammy search results or end users will migrate to another search engine to get more relevant answers to their search queries. What you can do is bullet-proof your site so that your search engine optimization ranking will stay unmoved during scheduled or unexpected algorithm updates. Here are ways to survive algorithm updates that search engines throw at websites:

1.    Follow best practices. Really, search engine optimization is just about following best practices and guidelines that search engines impose. You won't have to worry about getting penalized if you are doing the right thing in the first place.

2.    Focus on generating quality and authoritative content. Search engines take many different factors and website elements into consideration when they rank search results for queries. Among these are relevance to the query, page quality, as well as the number and quality of inbound links that the page has. These factors have varying weight and value as seen by search engines, but one thing is certain: your website's authority and relevance is largely determined by the quality of content you produce. Content that is compelling, informative, and well written (includes targeted keywords) adds great value to your website. Not only does it attract readership, it also encourages sharing, which is just as good as building strong linking relationships with authority sites, in this day and age of social networking.

3.    Steer clear of bad links. Backlinking used to be all about the numbers. Today, however, quality trumps quantity when it comes to search engine optimization ranking. Low-quality backlinks simply don't drive targeted traffic into your site. While they can make your backlink profile look populated, in the eyes of search engines, they are nothing but red flags that diminish your site's value, especially when they are coming from spammy sites. A good way to turn this around is to publish authoritative content that people will be encouraged to share (see number 2).

4.    Invest in social media. Google now uses social signals as a part of their ranking algorithm, which is why it is important that you pay attention to your social presence and activity in the various social media platforms your business or company is using. Staying active on social media sites, where your target audiences are is important to influence search rankings. Committing at least a small portion of your working day to connecting with your followers and sharing content via social media can make a big difference in your search engine optimization ranking.

5.    Structure your site for easy navigation, your content for easy consumption. The internet and its users are all about convenience. This is why it is important to pay mind to how your website and content are structured. The fewer clicks a user needs to do to reach your content, the better, or else you will lose their interest.
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Search Engine Optimization Ranking Search Engine Optimization Ranking

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