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If you are done watching your business rivals usurp top rankings in search engines, leaving you in the dust, then it may be high time to rethink your search engine optimization strategies. Maintaining high search rankings can be a struggle, especially as competitors step up their game, threatening to shake up your position. It is an endless race, and a tough one, especially since rules can change right in the middle of your perfect stride. How do you keep winning a continuous race? By constantly improving your website and monitoring your rivals' activity. Here are some useful tips to help you with your search engine optimization marketing:

1.    Keyword Targeting. One of the most important things in SEO is keyword targeting. When creating compelling content, need to pay close attention to the words you are using, more importantly to the keywords that you are targeting. Don't stop at getting top rankings for a certain keyword. Target search queries that yield that attract the highest traffic, if you really want to improve your viewership and increase your market share. Determining the most searched keywords in your niche is not hard, especially with the number of tools available to make keyword targeting and research easier. You have Google's Webmaster Tools and Analytics program, among many free tools you can find over the web. Paid programs are also at hand, offering even more valuable insights that can help you in your keyword research.

2.    Content Marketing. Content cannot be overlooked when talking about search engine optimization marketing. As important as it is to target keywords that people are actually searching for, you need to generate content where those keywords will ride. Take your targeted keywords and build content around them—anything that is relevant to your specific industry will work wonders in building your authority and relevance in your own niche. High-value content equals reader interest, which can later lead to viral sharing and overall improvement of your search rankings.

3.    SEO Trends. In SEO, rules are always changing, and jumping into new techniques can be a waste of time and effort, if you do so blindly. While it is important that you keep current with the trends, it is also best that you check your website's current situation and examine whether or not certain strategies will truly benefit your site or will just be additional work with little to no positive results.

4.    Monitoring. As important as it is to monitor your own SEO results, it is also best to monitor your competitor's SEO activities, such as their backlink profiles, and on-site optimization efforts. This way, you can reverse engineer their search engine optimization marketing tactics and possibly improve on them so you can get better results. Monitoring your competitor's activities will help you see how you are faring in the competition and allows you to think and formulate ways in order to improve your standing, either by copying what they are doing or by learning from their mistakes.
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