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Web design and search engine optimization go hand in hand when it comes to web marketing. Not only should a website be dressed up in a way that would attract visitors, it should also be built with search engines in mind, meaning it should be optimized so that content can easily be digested by search engine robots for proper indexing. When a website is too design-heavy (too many images, flash animations, and other design elements that don't really mean much to search engine robots), search engines tend to overlook it, which can be very damaging to a business' ranking, especially when success is measured by the number of convertible visitors that come to the site. Without getting indexed and placing high in search engine results, search ranks suffer, and so does the website's ability to convert visitors into paying customers. So how do you select a search engine optimization firm with ample web design and SEO expertise? Here are some ideas to take home:

1.    Web design (the creative aspect), SEO and programming (the technical aspects), involve and require different skill sets. While it is possible for a single person to be knowledgeable in both the creative and technical aspects of web design and SEO/programming, it is very rare for him to be proficient in both, as they require specialization. This is why it is best to consult with an agency that have special people to handle both sides of the task.

2.    Go for a search engine optimization firm that can show you specific terms and achievable end goals, which can be attained through their services, instead of a company that will simply throw first page rankings on the table. It is better to choose a company that projects a percentage of increase in the number of unique visitors that use your site over an agency that guarantees first page ranking on major search engines—which is, as I'm sure you've heard, impossible to predict and guarantee.

3.    Consider a search engine optimization firm that has a clearly defined process or course of action when dealing with website design and optimization. Ask about the kinds of tools, technologies, and strategies that they use, as well as the different services they offer to make sure everything is in place before you sign up for their services. While you don't necessarily need to know every detail of their working system, it is best to be on the same page with them, especially since the fate of your website lies in their hands. Make sure that their business or operational model is geared towards improving your bottom line, not just their own.

4.    Compare costs. To make sure you are getting the best value for your investment, compare rates and offers of the different search engine marketing and optimization firms you are considering. This way, you can study which ones are offering the best deals at the best rates, but don't choose an agency solely because they are offering the cheapest services. Quality service should be a priority when making your decision.
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