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Important Questions Search Engine Optimization Companies Should Know the Answer To

If you have been doing SEO for months and are still not getting the results you desire, it may be high time to consider looking at search engine optimization companies to do the work for you. Here are important questions that your prospect SEO firm should know how to answer to merit your trust:

1.    How can you improve my search rankings? –Any web consultant or agency that is worth considering will be willing to discuss their strategies in detail. They have to take the time to sit down and explain exactly what they can do to help pull up you Google rankings. Additionally, the SEO company should give you a realistic timeline to achieve the goals you have set. Ask for a technical review and assessment of your website to determine which aspects of search optimization and marketing need the most attention and to know how to go about fixing problems.

2.    Do you follow best practices and webmaster guidelines? – Any website owner that is serious about ranking well in search engines will want a consultant who strictly adheres to webmaster best practices imposed by Google (and other search engines). Google's publicly posted guidelines specifically lays down penalty-triggering and prohibited SEO tricks such as generating spammy content automatically, adding hidden and bogus text and links, etc. Failure to comply with these guidelines may lead to low search rankings or a complete de-indexing of your website from search results.

3.    Can you improve my local search standings? – Local SEO is very important, especially when you are running a small local business and are targeting consumers that are within your business' physical radius. Look into search engine optimization companies that offer expertise in local SEO so your website will have better chances of appearing in local searches for key terms that are relevant to your website and business. They should know all about local listings and online directories that specialize in your specific geographical area.

4.    Do you guarantee top rankings in searches? If your target company answers yes, be on guard for blackhat techniques. No matter how skilled an SEO professional or company is, the simple truth is no one can guarantee top rankings in search engines, because only Google, Yahoo, and other search giants can control how your website appears in their SERPs. If your prospect firm insists on this guarantee, watch out for unethical practices that they are likely using.

5.    How do you measure results? Search optimization campaigns progress through measurable results. If you want to make sure that your campaign is growing with the times, ask your SEO company candidates how they measure the success or failure of each campaign. Different tools can be used to measure, track, and evaluate search marketing and optimization efforts, such as Google Analytics and similar platforms. These tools help track not only your rankings but also the number of links your site has, the keywords that your customers use to find your pages, and many more. 
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