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Wrong Ways to Do Search Engine Optimization and SEO

Search engine optimization and SEO involve complex processes and thorough analysis of website metrics in order to succeed. With so many elements involved in creating and maintaining an effective SEO program, web masters, especially those who are inexperienced in the field can easily mess up their own search marketing and optimization efforts. Here are ways to tell that you are doing your search optimization wrong:

1.    You think that SEO is only about getting your title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and other technical and behind-the-scenes elements in line. While these elements are definitely important, they only comprise a minor percentage of your total algorithmic score, which Google uses to determine rankings. Onsite SEO offers value to this number, but what's more important is unifying these onsite elements with regular and high quality content creation and distribution (content marketing) and other important optimization strategies such as link building and social media marketing.

2.    You focus heavily on acquiring inbound links. Many website owners still waste a good deal of their time commenting on blogs and subscribing to free directors just to swap links with other websites, when they should focus their efforts on building relevance through valuable content generation and creating an effective guest blogging strategy to promote their relevance and authority in a given niche.

3.    You think gaming the system will work. Taking shortcuts in search engine optimization and SEO simply will not work in this day and age of stricter web master guidelines and algorithm updates. Gaming the system by littering your content pages with targeted keywords and spamming links will only trigger penalties from search engines, creating more work as you try to clean up your backlink profile and modify your content to gain more relevance.

4.    You obsess with charts and metrics, but forget all about good content. While it is important that you pay attention to analytics, your efforts will be futile if your content is nothing but pure blah. Sucky content will not rank well, even if you follow old-time tricks like keyword density and frequency (which have come to obsolescence ever since content relevance took center stage). Intelligent content that is optimized for both people and search spiders will attract better search signals and encourage better audience retention and even advocacy, this giving you good metrics to obsess about.

5.    You do too much search engine optimization and SEO. Optimization is crucial, but be careful not to overdo it. Effective SEO doesn't necessarily mean getting your hands working on every channel. Concentrate your efforts on certain aspects of optimization, where you know you can thrive and aim to consistently show up in searches. You can always expand your efforts later on and work to include other online channels to expand your reach.

6.    You fixate on trends. Staying current with the latest trends is good, but you don't always have to embrace every new trend that comes out in SEO. Each website has its own optimization needs and you don't need to use every new trick to stay afloat in search results. Focus on what you know best and traffic will come.
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Search Engine Optimization And Seo Search Engine Optimization And Seo

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