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These Search Engine Optimization Strategies Are Hurting Your Rankings

With so many 'experts' telling you what and what not to do to help you rank in search engines, it can be hard to tell which advice can truly bump up your ratings and which ones will only pull you farther down search results. Before you believe everything that these so-called experts are saying, listen to your own audience and know what your website truly needs to get the attention you so desire from your target consumers. Just because everyone is doing a certain strategy, doesn't mean you should also jump in the band wagon. Search engine optimization campaigns should be sensitive to the climate of your website's own search standings. Here are some search optimization strategies that are probably hurting your search rankings more than they are helping you get the web traffic you need:

1.    Link-buying. If we are still living in the past, where link quantity trumps everything else in SEO, then link-buying can be a legitimate tactic to make search engines believe that a website is important because of the number of links it is getting, However, these are the days when quality and relevance rule, therefore acquiring links using unnatural means such as link-buying and getting links from remotely relevant websites will only get your website penalized and sent to the bottom of search results. When Google and other search engines detect unnatural linking patterns in your backlink profile, they can easily de-index your website so your pages won't appear in search results.

2.    Generating and pushing irrelevant content. Creating and publishing content that is irrelevant to your industry will only confuse search engines as well as your end users. Instead of getting targeted traffic, you will end up attracting search signals that offer little to no value to your business. If you want to establish relevance and authority in your niche, only publish and distribute content that offers great significance in your field and provide value to your customers.

3.    Spammy comments. While it is good to spread links that point back to your site across related websites, you should also pay attention to the kind of comments that come with those links. Spammy, poorly written, and otherwise irrelevant comments will only draw readers and potential customers away. To keep your website's integrity, only approve comments that offer real value to customers.

4.    Overloaded anchor text links. Keyword links are good for search engine optimization. However, you should be careful when utilizing them in your anchor text. Anchor text links are keyword phrases within a website content that hyperlinks to a website URL. These links must have proper keyword ratio so that they would look normal in Google's eyes. Just the same, you should also build keyword links for people and end user intent, not just for search engines. One way to do this is to generate keyword links using a variety of relevant keywords that refer to significant elements of your business, but are saying different things, so as not to be labeled as unnatural by search engines as well as human users.
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