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With search engines following stricter standards, manipulation of search standings through old tricks and practices just won't give you the rankings you want and need. In fact, tricking the system may send you right to the bottom of search rankings, as search engines detect unnatural activities in your site. However, you can still influence your rankings positively through properly building your pages and some foolproof search engine optimisation SEO techniques that are often too simple and basic that many website owners overlook them for more obvious and more advanced online marketing practices and techniques. Some of the main things you should pay attention to when you want to improve your search standings through SEO are your page title, meta tag description and key words, as well as the body text.

Doing some SEO prep work is ideal before fixing up your HTML. Planning which keywords to use for optimization is important so you can have a basis of which key terms and phrases to target in your search campaign. You can put together a shortlist of primary keywords that serves your web strategy best. Order them according to their importance and list derivatives that you can also use in your content and meta tags. You may also generate keywords automatically using specially designed programs that are created to list down appropriate keywords along with their variations. Some programs even show you the most searched terms in your specific niche as well as the most competitive terms that you can choose to target.

Establishing a set of target keywords will help you simplify other tasks like building your page titles. Your main pages should contain your top three to four keywords, but should be kept short so as not to truncate when search engines index them. Ideally, your page title (the statement/title that appears at the browser's title bar and the title that appears in the search index) should not be longer than 70 characters. It should both be descriptive and focused on the key aspects of your business as reflected in the keywords that are included.

Next to your page title, you should also pay attention to your page description, which is essentially what pushes searchers to click on your indexed page. Your website's description or meta tag description should be explanatory, but shouldn't exceed 30 words so that the statement is seen in its entirety. Ideally, your website description should also be keyword-optimized.

Once your page title and description have been optimized, don’t forget to place all your primary keywords and their derivatives in the meta tag section of your page's HTML. This will help search engines establish your site's relevance in terms of keywords and keyword phrases.

Search engine optimisation SEO is not complete without optimizing the body text of the page. The body text or the content of the page is the most influential element in page positioning. The primary keywords used in your content must be consisted with your site's navigation so that it can reinforce the keywords as they are indexed by search engines. Along with your normal text, headlines, text links, alt text (text that comes with website images), and subheads can also influence your positioning in search engine indexes.
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