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Organic SEO can be compared to organic food—it is all natural, free of artificial and synthetic enhancers, and most importantly, sustainable. This is also the main reason why you get healthier traffic from organic searches than most other types of online marketing methods. Organic search results are non-sponsored natural results that search engines provide as you search for certain key terms. It differs from sponsored or paid results in that it does not have any monetary influence (no bidding for top spots, just all-natural search optimization). Organic SEO services are natural methods and strategies that help websites rank well in SERPs without monetary involvement and artificial manipulation of results (black hat techniques). Search engines are more vigilant than ever in guarding their search results against these kinds of manipulative activities, which is why they constantly change their algorithms, criteria, and standards for determining website relevance and page rankings. Here are fundamental elements and practices you should learn or ask your SEO specialist about for successful organic SEO:

1.    Keywords. SEO live and breathe keywords. If you want to dominate your niche, determine the most desired and most searched key terms that your target audience use and develop your content and strategies around them. Online tools like keyword generators and keyword planners can help you determine what kind of search terms people use and which keywords relating to your industry get the most traffic.

2.    Keyword variety. Determining your major keywords is important, but repeating them too many times in one copy can be counterproductive as you risk keyword stuffing and deterioration of content quality. One work-around is splitting your keywords up and learning about proper keyword density.

3.    Content. Mastering the technical aspects of SEO is useless without high-quality, compelling, and informative content that will not only attract the interest of visitors but also encourage them to share and link back to it.

4.    Page title. If content is the most important on-page SEO element, your page title comes second. It is what search engines display in organic search results and what goes on the top frame of browser tabs. Keep your page titles no more than 70 characters so they can remain readable when listed in results pages and don't forget to include important keywords (preferably at the start of your titles).

5.    Cornerstone page. If your site has 10 pages that relate to the same keywords or key phrases, it is best to merge the content into one, authoritative, and highly relevant cornerstone page to avoid confusing search engine bots, which will in turn rank your page higher.

6.    Anchor text. The anchor text refers to the words and characters displayed by hyperlinks when linking to a page. Your anchor text will be more relevant if you use a descriptive copy that contains main keywords for the page. Organic SEO services and providers can help you understand these technical elements better.

7.    URL names. Keep your URL names short, relevant, and sweet. Make sure it stays true to what your site offers, and keep slashes and hyphens to a minimum. It is also wise to include keywords close to the domain name, as this attracts better search signals.

8.    Meta descriptions. In SERPs, your meta descriptions can be found right after your page title, which means they are the second thing that searchers see when skimming results. This is why it is important to optimize them so that they represent your page content and convince searchers that your site is worth visiting.

9.    ALT tags. These are HTML elements that specify alternative text to display when certain design elements like images cannot be rendered. Google and search bots that cannot read images also rely on ALT tags to detect content (and keywords).

10.    Lead Tracking. An effective  SEO program involves proper monitoring and assessment of your leads, which allows you to measure your progress and adjust strategies according to your weaknesses. There is an abundance of analytics and tracking tools that you can use for free or for a minimal charge online.

11.    No to black hat. Tricking engines into thinking that your website matters by using unethical tactics like keyword stuffing, link-buying, and other dirty tricks may work for a moment, but can easily backfire down the line as search engines adjust their algorithms, Not only are results short lived, you may also end up blacklisted and removed from search indexes altogether.

12.    Link building. Instead of engaging in unethical activities like link-buying, build real linking relationships with relevant sites, which can help you create new external links back to your site. The number and quality of links are also among the most important factors that search engines look into when determining site relevance and ranking.

13.    Social signals. Search results are now affected by social signals, which is why it is important to be involved in social media activities that will not only raise search signals from your social pages, but also help you improve audience engagement at the same time.
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