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When your business depends largely on local customer traffic, it is very important to focus your efforts on local SEO. You need the right local SEO services that will take care of the most important elements that will help you rank well in local searches. Search engine optimization, whether targeting local, national, or global audiences, should never be about tricking the system into thinking you are relevant in your location and/or niche, but always about actually being relevant in it. It’s all about convincing search engines that your business matters by designing your website in such a way that would attract good local search signals. Finding the right keywords to include in your website and website copies is not enough to do well in searches. You also need to know how to use them right and how to use other website elements to your advantage:

1.    Title Tags. Your page titles can be a powerful tool for local SEO. Page titles can create subject relevance and attract local search signals at the same time, especially if you include your brand name, your target keyword, and your location in them. Doing it all in under 70 characters not only attracts search bots, but encourages more click-throughs from end users as well.

2.    Meta Descriptions. Every page on a website must have an optimized meta description. In addition to the page title, this portion that shows up in search results gives readers a little more insight about the page's content. It is like a mini advertisement or a snippet of what the whole page is all about. Local SEO services leverage meta descriptions by including the brand name, targeted keyword, location, and other relevant information about the page. It is also better if you can fit all these information in less than 155 characters.

3.    Website Footer. Just like meta descriptions and page titles, many also neglect the importance of the website footer in SEO. You can also use this portion of the website to attract local search signals by including your business address and adding your local area phone number in it.

4.    Content. More than anything else, your content should be keyword and location relevant. It is best to include references to the specific location you are targeting, whenever possible and appropriate and where they fit naturally so as to avoid stuffing and maintain the quality of your website copy.

5.    TLDs and other geo-targeting tools. When targeting a specific country, it is imperative to run your website on a TLD or a top-level domain to make sure your location is well represented through your URL suffix. Embedding a map that shows your business address within your About or Contact Us page is also a good way to define your location not only to users but to search engines as well.

6.    Local Profiles. Creating local profiles through Google+ Local and similar providers like Yahoo Local and Bing Places also provides relevant links and references to your location.

7.    Reviews. Your presence on various review sites also provide location relevance for your website by means of links and location-specific information in the profile. Not only that—reviews (whether positive or negative) also serve as free publicity for your business, making you more relevant in your niche.

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Local Seo Services Local Seo Services

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