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The 15 Basics of Local SEO Service

It can be challenging to start a business (even if it's just small), but because of search engine optimization programs by local SEO service providers, it’s now a little bit easier to get customers. Local SEO is the best kind of search engine optimization program for marketing and promoting a local business on the internet.  In this article, we will tell you more about affordable and local online marketing techniques that can give you more incoming traffic.

Understanding Local SEO

Gone are the days when people solely relied on an actual phone book; search engines have become the yellow pages of today's generation. Potential customers in your town, state, city, or surrounding area could be looking for you online, and it’s the job of local SEO to tell them where you are. Basically, local SEO is a specialized technique that aims to promote your website and business to people who are located physically close to it.

How Can I Make My Business Grow Through Local SEO?

1.    Make a user-friendly website.
The meta data of your website must be accurate and abide by the guidelines of Google Webmaster. Do some on-site optimization first by fixing or creating better meta descriptions and page titles. The ideal page title must have one to two relevant keywords and the name of your business.

2.    Submit your website to leading and local search engines.
Bing and Google are the major search engines today, so do submit your website to them. However, don't forget to submit in local search engines, too. For example, if your business is aimed at the Chinese market, submit the website to Baidu, a local search engine in Chinese.

3.    Use Google+ Local.
It's easy to use and it's free, so there's nothing to lose. You can also manage your listing to make it more suitable to your liking.

4.    Apply Google Analytics.
Google Analytics is still the best analytics tool on the internet. It's free and simple to sign up, so you can instantly add the code to your website and start collecting data about web traffic to your website. Now you can keep track of the number of visitors, find out where they are coming from, how long they stay, and how they found your website. This tool can help you target your site locally.

5.    Create a marketing campaign online.
Use Google AdWords that lets you choose keywords, attract people to your site through what they're searching for, and write your own marketing ads. Pay Google only when the ad is clicked. Google AdWords is a highly targeted ad program. For a more effective campaign, don't forget to use Ad Extensions that displays your Google+ page, phone number, and local information.

6.    Make business profiles in social networks.
Spread the word about your website through social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Twitter, and make friends and family like or follow you. From there, strive to naturally establish your presence in social media.

7.    Join local listings and local directories.
Increase your inbound links and get more traffic when your website is in local directories. Yelp.Com, Yell.Com, BingforBusiness.Com, and Local.Yahoo.Com are among the notable local directories where you should get listed.

8.    Try mobile SEO and improve accessibility.
More people are browsing websites through their tablets and smartphones, so make sure that they can easily browse your website through their mobile devices, too. Have a mobile site made by a company that offers local SEO service. This will make your website more mobile-friendly and easier to view.

9.    Get involved.
Be active in your community so you can promote your business in your local area, too. Join local forums to advertise or promote your products or services, but avoid spamming or you might get banned.

10.    Allow sharing.
Make it easier for your visitors to share what they are reading in your website by adding social sharing buttons to social media sites.

11.    Simplify monitoring of errors with webmaster tools.

Webmaster tools from Bing and Google can help you detect any issues in your website and fix them.

12.    Allow reviews.
Many local directories and local sites allow customers to review businesses. This can help add credibility to your business, too.

13.    Have a blog
Build rapport with your customer base by launching a blog. Talk about your talent, business, services, industry, and promote your products and services. Connect your blog and Facebook page through an RSS reader application, so each time you post something new, it is automatically shared in Facebook.

14.    Be consistent.
Use the same business name, telephone number, address, links, and descriptions to create consistency. Make a separate file where you can simply retrieve information about your website so you can copy and paste them as required.

15.    Upload pictures.
Post pictures of your business in local directory websites and social media. Pictures provide some of the best exposure your business could have. You don't need to use professional quality images, but as long as they can properly represent your product, service, or company, then they're okay. For SEO purposes, make sure that the file name of your photo contains a relevant keyword and the name of your business.
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